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  1. Hi great work on all these ..I was looking for your slaughter can't seem to find it
  2. Yet another face update on Macho but with some macho king attires and also andre the giant but he is still not right
  3. Thanks I liked that era too not my favourite but was very cool glad you liked it
  4. So I had a few troubles with my caws being found I'm now hoping it's sorted and have posted my new randy savage wcw 1999 2000 ..late 80s and wcw bash 1996 hope.you like and of you see him please let me know it's worked and available to download cheers
  5. So after giving up trying to upload my caws I started again and uploaded my new randy savage caws if anyone has the chance can you let me know if they show up online thanks
  6. So I've checked and they are cross platform and all seem to be showing up on my screen ...numbers are going up on the downloads but some error has happened as it's shows on my uploads screen only 2 caws but when I check downloads all are there on the creator list so I'm at a real loss as too what has happened here ..any ideas ?
  7. Yeah I checked to make sure on the online settings and it said I have but I shall check again to make sure ..thanks for the heads up though
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