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  1. It's possible they just messed up and forgot someone. After all, in the first press release about the DLC, they forgot to list Sarray in the Whole Dam Pack.
  2. I'd assume it's because Charlotte had an old entrance animation they could recycle, whereas they were forced to make an alternative for WALTER because this is his debut game and, as a result, he had no old animation like Charlotte does. No clue what the issue is with Bianca. I'm pretty sure Sasha still just removes an invisible pair of glasses in alt attires.
  3. Well, yeah, because those aren't glitches. It's intended.
  4. EssBee

    DLC Pack 10

    I'm just trying to be optimistic here, lol.
  5. EssBee

    DLC Pack 10

    There was a thread about this last month. Apparently it's a glitch related to CAW parts that were originally featured in 2K20's "Bump in the Night" DLC. Explanation in the post linked above. Unfortunately, there's not really anything you can do to fix it. Just gotta wait for the creator to realize there's an issue and reupload it or wait until 2K themselves realize the screwup and patches it.
  6. Experiencing a pretty major new bug as of late: the game crashes whenever I attempt to use a female CAS, whether it's from scratch or an edit of a default character. Only happens with females, male ones still work normally.
  7. Ever since the latest patch, Universe Mode now randomly crashes when simulating some matches.
  8. What do you mean? Do you mean content Status uploaded that wasn't related to MyRise/MyFaction? If so, no, I'm pretty sure everything he's created using normally-available parts are still up. He has a Great Khali CAW and nWo Shawn Michaels (using the normally unlockable Showcase version of HBK) that are still up last I checked. If you mean something like the Goddess Alexa Bliss model wearing different gear, I don't think anybody uploaded anything like that. Status was the only one posting MyRise/MyFaction characters, and they're all set to not be reuploadable, so nobody would've been able to do anything like that in the first place.
  9. My MyGM save now crashes the game whenever I attempt to load it.
  10. Normal Alexa Bliss is not unlockable, she's MyRise only.
  11. Pretty sure that's the case. It's the only sensible explanation as to why Mia Yim was allowed but Dijakovic wasn't (since Mia Yim was supposed to return to her old pre-Retribution gimmick, and even got drafted as herself, but got released before anything came of it). The really confusing part is why these characters were allowed to stay in the game at all. I mean, King Corbin makes sense (he's involved in a MyRise angle that requires that persona), but as far as I know, Dijakovic never does anything noteworthy, he just pops up in a few matches. MyRise having Mustafa Ali in Face attire and the older non-King version of Nakamura are baffling, too. A lot of these NPCs could've been replaced, but they inexplicably chose to dangle the carrot above everyone's heads. I mean, I'm glad they were left in because modders can do something about it, but allowing them to stay in through non-playable capacity feels weird. Actually, it kinda reminds me of The Hurricane in SVR2011 and Jerry Lawler in HCTP.
  12. Too late anyway, it seems like he took down everything except Scarlett before I even posted.
  13. The guy who uploaded Goddess Alexa, Dijakovic, and Scarlett to CC just got signed as a 2K NextMaker minutes ago and deleted all of his posts regarding the NPCs and unused characters he found. Very fishy timing. If you haven't downloaded those, you probably should, because they're probably going down soon.
  14. Pre-superhero Nikki Cross does actually appear in MyRise, but the one you've seen in entrance videos is probably just a Nikki ASH edit.
  15. Alexa Bliss (Previous "Goddess" gimmick) Nikki Cross (Non-superhero version) Mustafa Ali 2020 (From before Retribution, wearing green attire) King Corbin Shinsuke Nakamura (Red and black attire, actually called "Shinsuke Nakamura" instead of "King Nakamura") King Booker (Same gear as in WWE 2K19) Johnny Gargano in his 2K19/2K20 attire Old Man Shawn Michaels (In attire from his return match a few years back) Old Man Road Dogg Additionally, the Messiah version of Seth Rollins from the Rey showcase appears in MyRise instead of the current "Visionary" version, but he's unlockable anyway thanks to Showcase.
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