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  1. All those memes. Mr. X is gonna give it to ya!
  2. Despite how popular she is, I still can welcome the idea of an online game without necessarily including Ellie. I thought the second game was excellent, and co-op would have been an amazing addition in that game. However, despite all of the companions who help you, it's not for every step of the way. What do you think? Is it gonna be the next RE: Outbreak-esque gaming experience?
  3. The RE4 remake is quite hilarious. Leon gets attacked by Jason 2.0 (not his actual name) and he can parry that sucker's chainsaw attack with his super knife. Yikes! Steel on steel, simply stealing the show... I don't know why these spoiler tags keep appearing in my posts. LMAO. :) Regards, from thesaunderschild.
  4. Oh, yes. It does look phenomenal. I stopped being a fan of the original, basically because it wrecked the genre. But this remake looks to be the polar opposite to the 2005 version. I am impressed. Survival horror has finally got great again.
  5. I know. We are both happy and sceptical.
  6. Be sure to check out the Silent Hill showcase later on. https://youtu.be/HMjF3gNdOCg
  7. There's a Resident Evil showcase scheduled for next month. Capcom will probably be showing more footage from the RE4 remake. Now I didn't think the original RE4 had much in common with the previous games, but it certainly delivered in the action department. However, with this remake, I think they aim to focus more on the horror side of things. One thing that disappointed some fans was that shift towards action I speak of. Buying things from a vendor also feels kind of silly, and not very survival horror like. Because in the past, you were usually by yourself, and finding a grenade launcher or something cool at random felt more rewarding. Purchasing it was just Hollywood like and cheesy. The early concept for RE4 was kind of weird. Leon was in a castle and he was supposed to be infected. There was a ghost type enemy with a hook that pursued you. It looked more supernatural, but he was experiencing hallucinations. So that was the cause. However, all of that ultimately got scrapped and became Devil May Cry in the end. But I heard rumours that this version may implement it in some manner.
  8. Some news popped up yesterday. It seems as if a Korean publisher acting for Konami has rated a mysterious new game in the series. Rumour has it a ghost or something can send you text messages. That sounds unique, indeed. And it could be in first person as well. Google the name of the game for the outlets talking about it. I am holding a drink outside, and it's freezing. Or I would've posted a link. Actually, here... https://www.relyonhorror.com/latest-news/silent-hill-the-short-message-rated-in-korea/
  9. Apparently, the entire script leaked for the sequel game. Not the remake. There was also a previous rumour about a game with short stories, which I think is a good idea. Throughout Silent Hill, you'd find strange diary entries about people. This happened with Walter from SH4: The Room, before he debuted in person. He was mentioned in a newspaper in SH2 in the skip beneath the apartment complex. So things like this can unintentionally lead to branching paths. As for why they'd remake SH2 over SH1... SH2 is basically the most renowned game in the series, and they can probably have Pyramid Head now acting like a Mr. X (from RE2) type stalker enemy. Like, you may hear his sword being dragged in a hallway before you see him coming around the corner. But he will be slow enough to give you time to find a spot to hide. So that could be kind of unique. If you take into account the RE games though, it's a bit sad how they have left out CV. But RE4 is the big game that's gonna make big money. But that's still pretty disappointing from the standpoint of the order, because then the continuity is a bit muddled up now. After all, CV is the actual sequel to RE2. The real RE4, in a sense. In the case of SH games, SH2 is different from the first game, and isn't really very interconnected in terms of the plot. SH3 is, however, a follow up to the original game. Heather Mason is the main character. But in SH2, James has his own objective, and it has nothing to do with Cheryl or the cult. So not remaking SH1 may not matter, even if there is a huge demand for it.
  10. Same here. Their game The Medium didn't even include combat.
  11. Apparently, Silent Hill is being revived. Many screenshots have appeared online recently. It's kind of hard to say if they are genuine. However, hearsay like this has been a chore to put up with over the last few years. Somebody online always claims to be a leaker or something, only for the rumour mill to dry up. Sooner or later, yet another insider claims to know something. It's interesting, though. And it goes to show people still care deeply about Konami bringing back their flagship franchises. Even if, yes, they did screw over workers in prior years.
  12. The outcome was spoiled because outlets kept saying that the guy from NXT related to Roman Reigns had gotten the call up. Plus, with Jey and Jimmy Uso not being able to attend, they had to have decoys present to suggest that some interference would occur. Karrion Kross, Scarlet, and Tyson Fury, as well as Austin Theory with another failed cash-in attempt. It's not the first time fans have gotten wind of something big before it had played out. It ruins the element of surprise a bit.
  13. I have no money to pay for the WWE Network today, and those free wrestling sites always start jamming. So I just caught a bit of the first match with the women. I heard a rumour that Bray Wyatt could return today. Giving that Triple H is in charge, we are seeing a lot of released talent coming back.
  14. I'll miss Edge after he retires next summer. He is brilliant as a heel or a face. His matches are also among some of the absolute greatest, ever. His crazy laugh too.
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