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  1. This is probably more lies. People have been saying for over 2 years in a row, that the Silent Hill franchise is returning. Yet nothing becomes of these stories. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/silent-hill-konami-new-game-teaser-trailer/
  2. Dude, I really can't be arsed delving into the ins and outs of why the recent remakes were trash. But just so you know, Capcom axed a lot of content. Like a whole ton. They don't even really play like the original games either, with that new awkward, aiming mechanic they've added in. There are other things I could cast up too, but that's just for starters. When they remade the original game and released it in 2002, there wasn't really that many changes. They removed the cheese, to make it more serious, I guess. However, they retained just about everything else from the 1996 version, while expanding upon it in a fantastic way. So this particular remake was praised for that. These modern remakes don't do that. They alter the look of the characters, to appeal to youngsters, I suppose. They changed the story. Plus, a whole lot of enemy types and areas got removed. So you cannot tell me that the RE4 remake probably won't be suffering a similar fate. If anything, Capcom is really only doing remakes because they know nostalgia makes the gaming world go round.
  3. Do expect there to be tons of cut content, or things locked away behind a paywall. This is Capcom, after all. They are notorious for half baking their products. The remakes of RE2 and 3 had so many things removed. It was honestly ridiculous. Yet a lot of sheep openly bash 3 and glorify 2. It makes no sense. RE2 had just as much omitted stuff, to be honest. But I guess fanboys will always be like, "I don't care. Take my money, Capcom!" We will see how this one goes. But I'd rather see new ideas being poured into the franchise. At least things that make sense, of course. The series rarely does add up any more, with how dumb some storylines turn out.
  4. It looks good, but I'd rather see new storylines. How do you remove this spoiler tag? It appears whenever I highlight text. I feel like Capcom is just content to release the same recycled stuff, for as long as people love to play the same things.
  5. A day one purchase for me. But it hasn't gotten a release date yet. https://youtu.be/TePTxCBeF9M
  6. I always found the fourth one very hard and monotonous. You had to find holy candles, special bullets, rare swords, and run away from annoying ghosts that were the victims of a serial killer known as Walter. You can only save in this Henry guy's apartment, and you cannot carry unlimited items, unlike in the other games. Plus, your neighbor eventually finds her way into the same messed up world, and you have to watch out for her, while dealing with the man who started the nightmare. It was solid all throughout the game. Didn't mean to put a spoiler tag there, by the way. It just happened after I highlighted over the text.
  7. One of survival horror's most iconic series, which has had more downs than ups in recent memory. However, rumours persist that the series is coming back by developers such as Bloober Team, Sony, or whoever else. There was even some daft stories about how an indie game called Abandoned was a secret new entry, that wouldn't let up last summer. What's your favourite game in the series?
  8. I'm wondering about the DLC for RE8. Giving Capcom's lack of news as of late, I wonder if they're having issues. It was announced last June during E3. Capcom hasn't really hinted anything about the development since that time.
  9. Hulk Hogan paid tribute to his late friend.
  10. RIP. https://youtu.be/6jrgE-X2syI I don't know how to embed videos.
  11. I think it's the worst gaming forum.
  12. Konami should sell the IP. It's not like they're really doing anything with their franchises.
  13. I really wish they had picked up from the events of Dino Crisis 2, because Dylan and Paula were trapped. We never got a conclusion to that, besides a loose continuation in Dino Stalker on the PS2. The one on the Xbox after it was A grade garbage. Dino Crisis 3 is about mutant dinos in outer space, and it killed the series in the most unceremonious fashion.
  14. When Capcom aired that trailer for a certain game with dinosaurs, I thought I seen Regina. However, it wasn't her, and it's not Dino Crisis.
  15. There's a YouTuber called Michael Does Life. We spam the guy with bear and wolf emojis through Super Chat to this day, because of this game.
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