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  1. This is a lot like RE. Right? It doesn't seem as if it has voice acting, though.
  2. I am looking forward to this game, which has Silent Hill-esque vibes to it.
  3. Cannot wait for October, as there's a few games coming out I'm interested in playing. Namely Alan Wake 2 and Alone in the Dark. I haven't played anything good in ages.
  4. Well, man. I don't think Ada is as bad as Chris Redfield's model in RE7, but I don't care. I'm past caring about who they choose for what role. They don't even really care either, and it shows that Capcom has dropped the ball in some regard. Essentially, the plot in the games is so obscure now. In RE7, they introduced a new storyline about Umbrella returning, and seemingly being on the good side. Although I still think it's a ploy to keep fans guessing, and Umbrella will always be Umbrella, right? Even so, it sounded pretty intriguing. That should have went somewhere. Then RE8 arrived, and wow. What were they injecting? Apparently, Redfield's steroids. Because, oh wow. I was expecting witches to fly around on broomsticks, but the black dragon thing did the job just perfectly. It's hilariously out of place, even for the RE franchise. But whatever. Because it is what it is...
  5. I'd advise you to be careful with RE fans. Take it from me. If you disagree with them, they lay into you like Mike Tyson. One of them actually spends his whole time coming online and following me around the web, denying he's a fan in Australia. Seriously... His account got banned on Umbrella Online, but I requested it since he took my primary user name that I normally go by on message boards. And he's 37 too. That's why it's so sad. Because you would think someone his age would just learn to let go of a pointless grudge.
  6. I think it's sad that Ada Wong's voice actress got all that heat on Instagram. But I always knew the RE fanboys could be rabid, since I too have dealt with them for many a year. Some guy on Fandom said to me that the series adapting to all of the recent silliness will ensure the survival of it. Uh! Really? OK, sure. Having new ideas isn't necessarily shameful. But you need things that's recognisable to the franchise. So having things like vampires, or lycanthropes, and the other lame fantasy nonsense Capcom made up, may not be everyone's idea of "adaptation." But whatever, right? These days, I find it's completely pointless to talk to people like that. You cannot sway their thought pattern. While I also believe people can play whatever they want, they also sound like people who started with either RE4 or one of the RE Engine games, so they usually bash the PlayStation or GameCube era games because tank controls and fixed camera angles just aren't their thing. Sure, that's maybe not everybody's idea of fun. But that's how RE began. That's what a lot of fans love about the games. But many old school fans will tell you that RE4 was the game that took RE in a completely different direction. By the way, this forum can be somewhat fiddly at times. If I just so much as click on something the wrong way, it gets tagged as a spoiler, or whatever the change in text indicates. I don't even know how to undo this either. But yeah...
  7. If like myself, you are annoyed at the fact Jill Valentine hasn't been in any new RE storylines for like forever, then here you go...
  8. They're called ganados, which means livestock in Spanish. Sorry. My phone is being slow.
  9. While I enjoyed the freedom to move and shoot, I did find the puzzles were too frequent and there's no obvious answer to some of them. By far the worst one is the picture puzzle with the hexagon parts. Another thing I felt they didn't need to add was the lazer security perimeters, but it made the game more of a challenge, I suppose.
  10. The 'Separate Ways' scenario is likely being planned as DLC. https://www.thegamer.com/resident-evil-4-remake-datamine-separate-ways-development/
  11. I completed it yesterday. It was enjoyable, yet not all of the time. That was mostly down to the annoying puzzles. This is the only forum I logged in today besides two other ones, where users are actually discussing the game. All of the other message boards I signed into are practically dead. Forums kind of suck ass in this day of age.
  12. I'm heading up the road later on to buy it.
  13. Who will be playing the RE4 remake today? By the way, your emojis have clipping.
  14. The RE4 demo should hit the online store after Capcom's showcase.
  15. What do you guys think of RE fans in general? Like, do you find it is productive talking to some of those people online? I basically went to a forum a few weeks ago to talk about how Capcom has spent a long time trying to rip stuff off from other mediums, especially other games that they know have ascended in popularity. Well, I think the franchise has also noticeably dipped in quality regardless. But yeah. They have in fact *stolen* ideas. Like how RE8 has static sounds and mannequins in a house not unlike the one from a certain, now legendary demo. Now, I know my train is leaving the station to take me back to Silent Hill soon, but come on. Be more original! Generally what happens is, the users make it obvious they don't want to even hear it. They take the Mickey, or they move the goal posts. I'm the member "thesaunderschild" on Silent Hill Community, so I like to discuss survival horror more than any other genres. The remake of RE4 looks great, but I mean, I played it when it was relevant. In 2005. Two decades ago. Now it is 2023. I think gaming today is not worth getting a PS5 for until something truly innovative comes by. Half of these 'next gen' console titles are being released on the PS4 or for PC gamers anyway. Hence as to why it is up for debate whether they are as unique and new as they claim. I also understand why RE: CV is not being remade before RE4. Capcom knows nobody really cares about CV other than purists. Action lovers on the other hand could care less about a slow paced game like CV, since they clearly love RE4 for the shooting and the over the top cheesiness. But they openly hate on RE5, when 4 and 5 are basically the same sort of game, to be honest. That is nuts.
  16. So a producer for Resident Evil hinted that RE9 could be revealed next year. God, I hope they move past this fantasy nonsense with tall vampires, robotic men, and living dummies. It's crazy.
  17. All those memes. Mr. X is gonna give it to ya!
  18. The RE4 remake is quite hilarious. Leon gets attacked by Jason 2.0 (not his actual name) and he can parry that sucker's chainsaw attack with his super knife. Yikes! Steel on steel, simply stealing the show... I don't know why these spoiler tags keep appearing in my posts. LMAO. Regards, from Health Drink.
  19. Oh, yes. It does look phenomenal. I stopped being a fan of the original, basically because it wrecked the genre. But this remake looks to be the polar opposite to the 2005 version. I am impressed. Survival horror has finally got great again.
  20. I know. We are both happy and sceptical.
  21. Be sure to check out the Silent Hill showcase later on. https://youtu.be/HMjF3gNdOCg
  22. There's a Resident Evil showcase scheduled for next month. Capcom will probably be showing more footage from the RE4 remake. Now I didn't think the original RE4 had much in common with the previous games, but it certainly delivered in the action department. However, with this remake, I think they aim to focus more on the horror side of things. One thing that disappointed some fans was that shift towards action I speak of. Buying things from a vendor also feels kind of silly, and not very survival horror like. Because in the past, you were usually by yourself, and finding a grenade launcher or something cool at random felt more rewarding. Purchasing it was just Hollywood like and cheesy. The early concept for RE4 was kind of weird. Leon was in a castle and he was supposed to be infected. There was a ghost type enemy with a hook that pursued you. It looked more supernatural, but he was experiencing hallucinations. So that was the cause. However, all of that ultimately got scrapped and became Devil May Cry in the end. But I heard rumours that this version may implement it in some manner.
  23. Apparently, the entire script leaked for the sequel game. Not the remake. There was also a previous rumour about a game with short stories, which I think is a good idea. Throughout Silent Hill, you'd find strange diary entries about people. This happened with Walter from SH4: The Room, before he debuted in person. He was mentioned in a newspaper in SH2 in the skip beneath the apartment complex. So things like this can unintentionally lead to branching paths. As for why they'd remake SH2 over SH1... SH2 is basically the most renowned game in the series, and they can probably have Pyramid Head now acting like a Mr. X (from RE2) type stalker enemy. Like, you may hear his sword being dragged in a hallway before you see him coming around the corner. But he will be slow enough to give you time to find a spot to hide. So that could be kind of unique. If you take into account the RE games though, it's a bit sad how they have left out CV. But RE4 is the big game that's gonna make big money. But that's still pretty disappointing from the standpoint of the order, because then the continuity is a bit muddled up now. After all, CV is the actual sequel to RE2. The real RE4, in a sense. In the case of SH games, SH2 is different from the first game, and isn't really very interconnected in terms of the plot. SH3 is, however, a follow up to the original game. Heather Mason is the main character. But in SH2, James has his own objective, and it has nothing to do with Cheryl or the cult. So not remaking SH1 may not matter, even if there is a huge demand for it.
  24. Same here. Their game The Medium didn't even include combat.
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