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  1. So hey, would anyone be willing to help me divise the main moveset for Paige? I created her recently using the formula posted here (Shoutouts to this man as he pulled this off almost perfectly and I only made minor outfit edits) I've already figured out her finisher at least, her Paige-Turner was easily substituted with the Spinning Fisherman Suplex which looks closely 80% similar to it, so I used that for both slots. I also had an idea to use the Steven Kick as her (SuperKick) since that more closely follows her kicks from youtube videos I've seen. (Plus Chick Kick is highly used already for a lot of Diva Caws and I didn't want to repeat the same finishers) Unfortunately, the game can't replicate PTO or the RamPaige, so the Spinning Fisherman Suplex (Paige-Turner) and Steven Kick (SuperKick) will probably be the closest things we can get for her finishers. But....as far as her main move-set, I have to admit, I'm not sure where to start, and if anyone more experienced with movesets could help me, I'd be most grateful. Then eventually, I can do the entrance for her and while its going not going to be 100% accurate since 2006, it'll at least be an honest attempt on my end to finishing what my man in the past started by making the CAW. xD
  2. Bronze


    This one was fun, I honestly love the dude. Just wish they'd finally get him a shot for the title at the top of the food chain.
  3. Bronze

    AJ Lee

    This all being said, I really think the face morphing could be better. But atm, not sure how to fix it atm.
  4. Bronze

    AJ Lee

    The shirt wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd been. Of course the spider and the webs aren't going to match 100% to the actual attire, but made it look best as I could on such an old game. The transparency hack was mostly what made it work because for some reason there's a chest blur on divas too just like the crotch blurs on men. (Assuming women have both a chest blur and a crotch blur) But yeah, had to use multiple layers for the shirt because the game didn't really have a shirt like she used, so had to improvise with a couple of extra layers to put over the s. hemline itself and used as matching skin tone. So yeah, the shirt took up quite a bit of layers. I think my biggest issue however was that 06 in general did not have denim short shorts. So in order for any of this to work, I had use a hack and move the underwear up from Layer 9, to Layer 8 (which allowed me to use transparency for the underwear), then changed the Layer 9 to one of my Tights layers and just went to work from there. In fact, those denim shorts are honestly made up of the underwear layer, and 2-3 tights layers with different transparency settings. Which by the time I figured out the attire, it had already took me about 3-4 hours, and even now its not perfect because one the tight layers still shows a little bit of darkish shading on the inside of her leg. But you know, I figured it was unimportant since you're not going to see the inside of her leg during matches anyways.
  5. Bronze

    AJ Lee

    My version of AJ Lee, mostly built from someone else's that was posted here, with a few touch-ups and an attire attempting to resemble the one showed here. Its not perfect, wish I could make her a bit flatter around her chest area, but its outside the game's capabilities, so it is what it is. Let me know what you think. And yes, those are denim shorts, took me forever to figure out how to do it. But the CAW does involve hacks, such as layer modifiers and transparency hacks.
  6. I need some help https://caws.ws/svr2006/view/saves/dom_and_sergios_updated_wwe_diva-61 The NTSC Max file Sergio had posted here is no longer working (neither is the Pal file, but I needed the NTSC file) This was due to the file being uploaded to MegaUploads which was shut down. So would anyone still have this on them and be able to upload it to something reliable like Mega, Nopy, or AnonFiles?
  7. I'm making a save atm of my favorite wrestlers and decided to make a Sting Caw for 2021. (Yes, I know he's on AEW, not like it matters for a 06 game lol) Using a PCSX2 Emulator, and yes, some of this involved layer hacking. Also have a moveset and entrance for him as well, although, mostly found those on the caw site.
  8. Could some explain to me how to use these codes listed here? https://caws.ws/svr2006/rawcodes/ Like for Transparency and Layer things for Caws that require them? I'm using a PCSX2 Emulator.
  9. Would anyone be able to make movesets for any of the following since I've got the Caws made. AJ Lee (Moveset) Nikki Bella (Moveset) Brie Bella (Moveset) Paige (Moveset) Also would be nice if someone did an R-Truth CAW, the one I seen in the forums after building it was....questionable, a moveset for him too would also be nice.
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