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  1. open extracted save data in a hex editor go to offset 13FB8 this is where the first caw slot is. Each block of caw data is a length of 6BC so you can take a block from any save an inject it in an open caw space. Then move the .cas file in your save data folder named based off the slot. Finally, anytime you hex edit the save you need to update the checksum in the header. An easy way to do this is just to open the save in x-packer version 8.2 and just change one thing like a superstar's stats, the program will update the checksum for you. Credit goes to yumboy11.
  2. Does anyone have nco cas for wwe 12 on 360 I really want kane and the updated caws if anyone has theme. I can easily inject them with the wwe 12 editor on an older pc
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