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  1. Not Naomi getting jumped by lesbians, this is sick
  2. I'm sure Hit Row definitely make actual music and enjoy rapping/freestyling. I think it's most obvious with Top Dolla and his delivery/flow. I doubt the writers and producers backstage would know how to properly structure and write any of that shit without.
  3. The charisma alone is what'll win them over. Thankfully Ashante & Top Dolla are a tag team, so hopefully they'll mask the other's weaknesses and stuff. And yeah, B-Fab is a lot worse in the ring than I was expecting her to be lmfao... just keep her in the background as the valet/eye candy while she trains more lol. My only concern is that the main roster will make Hit Row come off as corny after a while.
  4. Same. A lot of different wrestlers (with actual CHARACTERS and GIMMICKS) being showcased, with the good combination of wrestling. I feel like a lot of the fans who complain about NXT 2.0 have been spoiled by 2014-2021 NXT, which felt like ROH/PWG on a bigger scale (which is ironically what AEW is right now). People forget NXT at its core is/was a true developmental show, and we're actually seeing guys/gals who've been sitting around in the Performance Center over the past several months get some shine. I'd like to think Bron Breakker, Carmello Hayes, Mandy Rose, Diamond Mine, LDF, and Tony D'Angelo will be some of the bigger names in NXT going forward. I just wish WWE didn't draft Hit Row to the main roster this soon, although I understand why. I think they're kinda ready for RAW/SD, but NXT 2.0 seemed like such a good fit. I'm sure Hit Row will get more love and better reactions than they did from the regular NXT crowd.
  5. Tony Khan is somehow cool AND annoying as *Censored* at the same time. I fw AEW, but Khan & Co. mentioning WWE almost all the time is irritating. It leads me to believe they're tryna compensate for some shit. These mfs in "competition" with a wrestling company that hardly acknowledges them.
  6. Thank Monday Night Football for that.
  7. The fact that Bron Breakker is *censored*ing 23 years old is some wild shit yo. That mf look like he at least 30.
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