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  1. lol. Whatever you do and all the ones that you’ve done are greatly appreciated. Macho man has a lot of different ones.
  2. Hey man while you’re on fire with these great WCW CAWs, I do have one suggestion if you feel like it or are interested. It’s Lex Luger with his updated Total Package attire when he was with Mrs. Elizabeth. I haven’t seen a good one of those around.
  3. Paperchase


    I need some really good ECW CAWS with good movesets. Mainly Shane Douglas, Lance Storm, Sandman, Raven, Mike Awesome, Chris Candido, Simon Diamond
  4. I don’t see why it’s not much interest because these are great. I know I’m interested because I have a WCW show in my universe mode for WWE 2k20. I’m sure others do as well and can use these CAWs.
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