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  1. This game sounds amazing. I seriously hope the game plays as well as it looks and sounds on paper.
  2. I want to see Andrade defeat Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship SO BADLY.
  3. Maybe some positive has come from the pandemic. Live crowds again is going to feel amazing!
  4. If this game is able to run, with it's monstrous roster, it will be GOD STATUS!
  5. I'm currently playing Fire Pro Wrestling World. I've been missing Red Dead Redemption 2....so, I may go back to that tonight.
  6. How is the Xbox One version of this game? DDoes anybody have any updates on the PS4 Version?
  7. Maybe it's the longtime fan in me, but I'd like to see James Storm as the one to defeat Kenny Omega for the Impact World Championship. He's one of the few members on the roster that I can take seriously.
  8. R.I.P. Mr. Wonderful. He was always one of my favorites.
  9. 100% accurate. Honestly, he's just awful.
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