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  1. Oddly enough I said The Elite is essentially today's nWo, a day or two ago, for some reason lol. I like what they're doing with them. Im a Cody mark, but I get what some are saying as far him basically being the Hogan or HHH of AEW.
  2. Man, Ernez. For the sake of your enjoyment, I hope you're right. Imagine they pull a 5* Wrestling, which is doing this exact same thing, like announcing all this talent, and dropping with like 6 knockoffs named Radnabrock, and Johnny "The Bull" Maivis , with more knockoff textures to come so you can essentially make "anyone", and a shitty gameplay system. Btw can certain mods still get guys they're old accounts? Been here contributing since '07. I put in work for my.18,000+ sum odd posts. If so, ill pm a new email.
  3. Disney+ still kinda expensive and they don't even suspend your sub say a day or two late, they suspend in like the 3rd week period. "Its nearing your due date, sub now or your service will be suspended."... Day or two later, " your service has been suspended because you haven't renewed your subscription. PLEASE UPDATE PAYMENT METHOD!" So that's how you movin' Walt? You rich, smug, POS.
  4. Lol @ how this has aged. Can never predict things such as life, airborne viruses and things of that sort. Who needs fans being told what to do, as long as the product is good. Put your own roster in the crowd and watch em' work.
  5. I'm over the Orton storyline. I love how the darkness of the character keeps changing along with the look he wants for the character. Its like a mixture of phenom Taker and original Kane. WWE needs that character going forward. Alexa is pretty much Harley Quinn, but she's ALWAYS been that looking at her career. Other than that, can't ever get tired of Rotundo(a) Jr. Man has proven over the years he has the ring skill, ambition and drive AND the mind to be that mainstay guy who's always in the top rung of talent whether it be in as an on-air talent, writer or both. And they've been doing the pointing since like the RA Era lol. You just got tired of it this year? Lol.
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