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    Hulk Hogan (n.W.o. versions)
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    n.W.o. Wolfpac Theme or Heavy Metal songs (look up Frog Leap Studios on YouTube. Leo does really cool covers in Heavy Metal to songs you'd never think would work in that format)
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    Steak (medium raw and I'm serious on this. Center must be a dark red.)
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    Mixed (mostly white though) Of White, Native American (Canada), Sicilian (best not call me Italian cuz dem fightin words)
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    Highschool DxD
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    It's technically just the default T till I figure out how to upload my custom T
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    Ohio, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Sol System, Sagitarius Arm, Milky Way Galaxy. (Good enough?)
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    Name it, odds are in your favor I like it.

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  1. Tell me why you voted like you did. And only available on PS4 btw.
  2. Here are 2 views of my recently created WWE UNIVERSAL championship for SmackDown! And a replacement for WWE World Heavyweight that was wip.
  3. I've been busy recently, but I do play from time to time. I've created some decent titles. I'd love to show them off. But until I do, my user is Tinman3099 on ps4. Take a gander.
  4. I'd need a new Twitter. My old one got hacked and I can't recover it.
  5. Thanks. And darn. I don't have that dlc.
  6. Ok, so I Google image searched for "best custom championships WWE 2K20 or PlayStation 4" (with the " as it instructs the search engine to look for what you put between the " exactly as you put it. If you weren't aware of that "hack" to search engines. Lol) and the picture here was one of the results. But here's the kicker. The website the picture is from isn't working for me AT ALL. I get an error trying to load the site. So I have 0 info on the title. Anyone know about it? Is it even on 2k20? If not, can anyone help me make it? Please? This is a killer Smokin' Skull Belt (my name for it because I don't know it's true name)
  7. Tinman3099

    Best Women?

    I want to expand the Women's locker room. But which are the best you've downloaded? And which ones should I avoid (seeing as you only get 20 a day. I don't want to waste one on a female wrestler that isn't worth it due to glitches, layers not downloading right, or other reasons) Include tags or creator's names to make it easier.
  8. That is one very strange looking Triple H. Lol. But very cool.
  9. Actually it did. Now I just have to remember how to link to Facebook. Lol.
  10. Okay, well I'm trying to figure out which Custom CAWs (not ones based off real wrestlers mind you. These have to be originals like my Tinman 3099 or Black (which I haven't uploaded yet) you guys have downloaded and look and work best. I need both men and women (a lot of women would be nice, seeing as I want a full show to be just women. Working Title is Wednesday Women Warriors. It's corny but I dunno. Just want it on Wednesday and to use WWW as its initials for the Ring and Arena. Monday's would be mixed show (men and women) whereas Friday's are just males. No PPV shows that I can think I'd like to make yet. Gonna make custom titles too (or modifications to ones I made already. Like my WWE Women's Intercontinental Championship (see my post on my custom titles) might even use Andy Kauffman's Intergender Championship as a kinda mixed tag team championship. Not sure on that one. If you guys want to submit your customs to join the roster, you are welcome to. I can even keep you up to date on their progress and stuff. I won't skip matches but I won't play them where I control a wrestler. I'll just watch and stuff. Sound like a cool idea? (If I knew how, could maybe even post match videos and make like an e-fed out of it.)
  11. I run into that when I use the in-game n.W.o. logo on my Tre and Red in MyWrestler mode. I recolor it to Wolfpac red. But the game tends to glitch it back to white. Now I know why. When I get home I'm looking for a Wolfpac one to download. I'd love to get one without the box as well (already have a white one downloaded). Speaking of n.W.o., has anyone ever spotted a n.W.o. Goldust CAW yet? I haven't on PS4. But I just look up n.W.o. for searches because when I add Goldust to the search, all I see are his AEW and WCW looks. I'd like to recreate the Booker T-Goldust team for when Booker was in n.W.o. (Goldust unofficially joined as well sporting white and black colors on his outfit and face paint with hand drawn n.W.o. logos on his face as well. If there is none, I may just need to make one myself.)
  12. Yes, LAW and BCW ones are good. The Winterfest is okay. But there are a lot they could have done without. Like the Arena (can't recall the name) where Tre fight Jerry Lawler in a Loser Leaves Town match and Red faces Lita. It's a ball stadium in Memphis is all I remember. Kinda a dumb one.
  13. Sorry, I just now saw this post. And am out of town RN. But I've wanted The Hurricane for a while. Any chance you did a Mighty Molly and Rosie's super hero in training (and when he became a full fledged superhero)?
  14. I wish I knew if my Agony Ring custom arena worked or not. Due to what was said above, I'm dubious. But can never hurt (too much) to try it. I'm actually out of town right now and can't check my version of it. But as I said, I'm dubious it will work. I used a bunch of textures and props. If curious as to it's look, check out my post on it (I at least THINK I made a post.)
  15. Yeah sorry about that. He even looks purplish to me in the picture. But it's the only camera I have.
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