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    Hulk Hogan (n.W.o. versions)
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    n.W.o. Wolfpac Theme or Heavy Metal songs (look up Frog Leap Studios on YouTube. Leo does really cool covers in Heavy Metal to songs you'd never think would work in that format)
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    Steak (medium raw and I'm serious on this. Center must be a dark red.)
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    Mixed (mostly white though) Of White, Native American (Canada), Sicilian (best not call me Italian cuz dem fightin words)
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    Highschool DxD
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    Ohio, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Sol System, Sagitarius Arm, Milky Way Galaxy. (Good enough?)
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  1. I still haven't heard from anywhere of any delays. Radio silence isn't indicative of delays. Look at Rockstar Games. They keep mum really good. They tease a lot but that's all. And don't mention GTA VI, they haven't actually announced it. But they haven't debunked it either. Been busy working on GTAV Online dlcs and upgrades to it for next gen AND remastering the trilogy (3-San Andreas) instead. VI was most likely delayed due to COVID. 2k22 might be delayed but might not be.
  2. I take Twitter with a grain of salt. If nobody else is talking about it, I doubt Twitter has the exclusives.
  3. I haven't seen any websites say anything of a delay at all. Not even a release date. Just last quarter 2021 which is vague. Lasts from Sept and ends December. Thats a lot of days. Lol.
  4. JBI was a let down big time to me. (I just found this thread so I've got catching up to do. Lol) I mean they screwed the pooch. It was the Invasion period. Instead of capitalizing on it, they ignored it for the most part. I think it was mostly hidden (like the ECW and WCW logos used in the Invasion where hidden and broken up into individual letters. Couldn't find the movesets I wanted. It sucked. But the X-Factor theme by Uncle Kracker was cute. Lol.) I hope this 2k22 isn't gonna repeat that. Luckily they had a year to work on it and then some. But with the mass fires that happened, the Roster will be gutted or hidden away. And will be more likely gonna be bland. Wrestlers who normally wouldn't be in it might be in it as filler. If I were 2k I'd hold onto releasing the official roster till 1 or at most 2 months prior to release.
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