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  1. Aaaaaand just like that, I was proven wrong, however this time the new update out on the CC now is and will be the final time that it is worked on, since I've hit a plateau on what can be done. Thanks to Defract for the Hogan textures (face, handlebar mustache, and a few other various textures for the attires). A new OP image post will be put up very soon too.
  2. Alright, it's been a while, but thanks to Defract, I was able to make some subtle improvements to the Hogan megapack, and as of now, it has all been re-uploaded once more. This hopefully will be the last time working on the Hogans, as I have really exhausted every single possibility left to do for them. Now when WWE 2K22 comes out next year, if attires are missing from Hogan (idk if there will just be one or if they'll have multiple versions of his likeness), I'll simply make sure that the game runs fine with attire changes before filling in the gaps.
  3. Okay, it was one day late, but the final revision of the Hogan megapack is up! This is the very last time I will be working on them, so no more changes are planned. I will be focusing my attention now on any shows/arenas that intrigue me or that I want to attempt making for the remainder of the time that the WWE 2K19 image uploader site will be up. When WWE 2K22 comes out, some of these may be shifted over to that, but no one knows yet if the creation tools will be similar or if they will be completely rebuilt from the ground up.
  4. Oh, they're on there, but listed underneath shows, not arenas. Also, update on the Hogan megapack, I've made a small tweak and discarded one attire set for another that is from the times that he was wearing the yellow trunks, so the 2015/2018 attire set is gone for now. EDIT: Actually I'm gonna re-upload the pack one more time by Monday, as I have found a new face texture!
  5. Peja, what happened to your twitter account?
  6. Haha, sometimes I just torture the ref for the heck of it, especially when they don't count fast enough. Thanks for the feedback though!
  7. A new, yet classic arena has appeared! RAW '01-02 is now available!
  8. I can definitely do that! Also thanks, I'm pretty happy with how these all turned out. Here's the pics as requested.
  9. HUGE update with new revamped content on the OP. I'm very happy with how this all turned out too!
  10. New content alert! I have also updated the OP with pictures as well!
  11. Great work as always Peja! Love the new renditions as well.
  12. Once again another overhaul has been completed and the new pack is up! I'll be making an edit to the first post again with updated pictures, as well as other things, so keep an eye out!
  13. Okay, so there's been yet another revision that is in the works. Thanks to @Peja12, I now have a way better face texture that all are using, and have expanded the set to ten, yes, you heard me right, once started as a set of five expanded to seven, and now ten are in place! While these changes are good enough to re-upload, I will not be doing so until one final thing is revised, and that is with the boot flames. Sure, the ones on them aren't exactly too bad, but the quality is just not up there. Thankfully I found someone who I personally know that is redoing them for me in a higher quality, and once those are all down, the set will be re-uploaded and a new preview pic set will be done afterwards. The last revision pack has since been taken down until then, so for those who have d/l'd it, they can continue using them as they please. Just know that a new set will be up and around soon, so keep an eye out! I also have two shows uploaded, one of which has textures provided by Reddit user Th_Shark_Club (WrestleMania 36).
  14. No problem @Peja12! Glad to know I can help out with this project with some textures!
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