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  1. 2k20 can be fun,(loading time is almost "Shut Your Mouth" loading long sometimes)but the campaign has Matt Hardy! I feel like nobody's here,so I'll just keep posting my crazy caws & ideas!
  2. You might ask yourself,wes19er,who the hell is announcing the action on Shaqdown? Why it's The King of "Cheap Pops" Niquil Axton & The "Riginal' Rocky Mountain Oyster" Rolo McSourkraut,Bah Gawd!!! Xbox One gamertag: wes19er
  3. wes19er

    Anyone? Hello???

    Oh well,just scroll down & check out my stuff if you like. Xboxone gamertag: wes19er Oh,could you also tell the Xboxone 2k19 content creators to send some Christmas cookies please?
  4. If anyone is out there actually making caws for 2k20 on xboxone sure would love to see it....crickets while everyone is on Playstation 2k20 or making Xbox one 2k19 content.... ForeverAlone(while Jeopardy theme plays in background. )
  5. Thanks,should I just reply to original post to add stuff?
  6. I tried experimenting with the Wyatt family intro... I think i can upload Zombie if I swap out red for green. Xboxone Gamertag: wes19er
  7. A battle for the belt at the FieNdhOuSe arena!!! T.G.W._Belt_ce098.mp4
  8. wes19er

    Darque Mass 3

    Darque Mass terrorizes Shaqdown!! Xboxone wwe2k20 gamertag: wes19er
  9. I couldn't download some of creators caws because the dlc on 2k20... Ellie Hannigan & Rei created by xboxone gt: FalloutKing01 Raven created by xboxone gt: ToastierGem1479 12-22-2020_9-42-01_AM-vvlde2eh.mp4
  10. The living dead woman,Abadon! Ready to wreck anything in her path! It's Halloween 24/7/365! Xbox one gamertag: wes19er
  11. wes19er


    Hey it's Kel Mitchell & Keenan Thompson from Goodburger! The 90's ruled!
  12. Unreleasedcawzombie.mp4 Im afraid to release (upload) Zombie to downloads on 2k20,they're policing it pretty hard in uploads because nobody plays Battlegrounds. Low_N_Brau_vs_Grim.mp4 Darque_Mass_intro.mp4
  13. Some of the sample match lineups I've had for 2k20 Universe. What's weird is you have to create your team/stable twice in roster & in universe mode. It would be easier if you could create a team in roster mode & it would carry over to everything...But it's 2k20. Lol! Xboxone gt: wes19er
  14. Goth group going hard!! 6pack & a pound of bloody flesh! Their leader is Grim,the Reaper. LowNBrau the Brawler. Zombie the Undead. Bulma the Rabid Bunny. Enjoy. Darque_Mass_intro.mp4
  15. The original red headed stepchild is back & better than ever!!! Small fries step aside,the frosty queen is here! 12-21-2020_8-51-41_PM-a1tsk3gv.mp4
  16. My version Ellie Madcow Hannigan from caw creator FalloutKing01 on wwe2k20!
  17. Everybody & they mama have an undead zombie caw,with like 100 tattoos,black eyes & a running knee finisher....so why not? I have her wearing a "removable scarf" in downloads,she might get a chest cold. Xbox one,2k20 gt: wes19er
  18. wes19er

    Low N Brau

    Ms.Natty 6 pac is here!! It's Low N Brau!! If you got the first round,she'll have your back! Attire improvements on caw with bonus Attire in second slot Xbox one,2k20. gamertag:wes19er
  19. Wendy stomps a mudhole in Cheetara! They meet in a TLC match this Sunday! Bah Gawd it's gonna be a barnburner!! Caws available on Xbox one,2k20. gamertag: wes19er
  20. wes19er

    Rouge the Bat

    Rouge the bat victory!!
  21. wes19er


    Yup,she's back! It's Neden heaven! Reeking of cabbage & cornchips mixed with Faygo!
  22. I'm a dude,she's a dude,he's a dude,we're all dudes!!! It's Ed from Goodburger!! Caw is available on xbox one 2k20 gamertag: wes19er
  23. wes19er


    I was gonna put her in my download caws,but I'm banned till December 10th. BeefySupreme,the usda choice!!!
  24. I'm banned on wwe2k20 till December 10th,but my caws are still available. I don't know why? I think it might be my samus caw's cleavage. xbox one gt: wes19er
  25. Samus is in my xbox one caws on 2k20. I'll put out Bowsette next week! Xbox one gt: wes19er
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