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  1. FriedCaws

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    @Petey_the_Clown Thanks for the tip, no plans for a WCW Psicosis. @HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR Thanks mate, it's been a while since I made some Chikara caws. Though I seem to remember I made a stack of them a few games ago. I think I'd feel a bit off doing some of them again with everything that has happened. @Joshistar Thanks mate, I only had 5 upload slots to upload a few things. For anyone interested Lady Maravilla Keyra Ram Kaichow Baronessa Hyper Misao And I think I did a few of the Stardom Mask Fiesta attires. But for now Flamita uploaded
  2. FriedCaws

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    I'm sorry this has happened. I've tried a few things; changing the mask materials, getting rid of the hair and changing the entrance motion with not much luck. Thanks but I deleted my twitter a while back, it just gave me the shits after a while and somehow I think 2K just really don't give a shit about the caw creators that give back to their game. Still, that's cool. I'm still over on instagram. Some new caws, top two have been requests by the guys themselves which has been pretty cool. Mr. Arkangel Mortal Power Jr. Ultimo Maldito
  3. As much as I am so saddened by the revelations about what has been happening with Chikara I am so sad about it ending this way as for a time, a long time ago, it was one of my very favourite things. It's heartbreaking on so many different levels. Heartbreaking for those who had to live those horrible experiences. Heartbreaking for those good ones who gave so much of their time and energy to that company without knowing what was happening. It's just very sad.
  4. FriedCaws

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    I have the entrances off but you're right it does glitch out during entrances. It doesn't seem to glitch out in create an entrance. I thought it might of had something with them fixing the materials for that mask in particular, I know it wasn't working at the very beginning and was eventually fixed much later, so I don't know. Changing the materials may work?
  5. Saw Kobald is gone, but there's seems to be some stuff about Quack and Icarus.
  6. FriedCaws

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    Thanks guys, hopefully I'll have plenty more and not just the obscure lucha guys who have cool masks. I hope you're all doing well.
  7. FriedCaws

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    Over on 2k20, search tag is Fried. I am uploading from my FriedChikara account because the uploader doesn't work on my main account. Please no requests. Abismo Negro Jr Aramis Artimaña Charro Negro Flamita The Great Sasuke El Hijo de Abismo Negro El Hijo de L.A. Park Karis La Momia Jr Kraiton L.A. Park Mortal Power Jr Mr. Arkangel Mr. Iguana Penta El Zero M Rey Quetzal Rey Tormenta Jr Sangre Negra Silver Panther Skayler Titán Toxin Ultimo Maldito Voltrex Zika
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