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Jonathan Olivas

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  • Birthday January 23

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    Eddie Guerrero & Jeff Hardy
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    Underground hip hop
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    Facebook security
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    Wwf, ecw
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    Mexican food, pizza
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    Supernatural, the office, the king of queens
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  1. Great work brother
  2. You got some serious skills man these up?
  3. Best Edge on community creations
  4. Keep up the great work
  5. So yours has an announce table? What arena venue did you go with?
  6. Great work man thank you so much for your Perfect creations really makes this game enjoyable to play
  7. Seriously they annoying af
  8. Please tell me this is possible on ps4
  9. This is insane is this possible on ps4? No crowd that's freaking dope
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