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  1. Looking for a shang tsung caw for a tag team idea can someone direct me in the right direction of one
  2. Will do i mean i trust you your caws are legit and that kross looks badass i hope its just i have to many saved logos lol
  3. Will do what are your search tags i think your the guy who made the kross i wanted
  4. I will try again and see what happens okay but its usually just the logos giving me problems but i thought it would alert you sense 2k19 did
  5. I am looking for a chris Harris, el mesias, cibernetico,
  6. So i have tried downloading your caws after the newest patch and a lot of have issues with downloading with the logos i will re try tonight and see how it turns out
  7. So this dude caws are legit i mean i will try tonight to download and see how it goes
  8. Serious question like when you download a caw with custom logos everything looks fine on community creations but when you open up in superstar editor the logos arent there like i don't understand why that is
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