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  1. I was able to log in and download today! Can’t wait to see your next installment
  2. Just checked this, haven’t gotten a chance to get on game. How much longer will they be available for DL? Great work! Love Simon’s new look!
  3. This is the kind of shit that 2k does that just loses good will with me. Why not warn us about the limit? Now they just screw you over and make you go back and redownload everything and hope you catch them all…geez
  4. Great work as always. Love the background stories and really like the 2nd Mamula attire. Can’t wait to see your other content that is coming out. I’m still playing 2k19 too and using many of your creations on that like Jarrett Caesar and Terry Ryan as well as pretty much all the N1 roster. Can’t wait to see this year’s spin!
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