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  1. Inoue already had an air of badassery to him, but the beard makes him look even more dangerous haha.
  2. I'm looking forward to the caw roster being finished! I'd love to see your luchas that I saw you mention in another thread, but I know you're probably hard at work as is! Regardless I can't wait to see what you put out next
  3. I'm loving the new designs on Tenrai! Great stuff man!
  4. @Oz70NYC haha I remember playing that game. We have come a long way! You mentioned Blake Evans is your top heel in CAW, but who is considered the top heel in N1?
  5. @Oz70NYC cool, man. As I said, your stuff still feels and looks original. I love that you've built a lot of story around all of your characters. Combine that with the attires, logos, etc. and your creations have so much to them. You do a great job!
  6. Hey @Oz70NYC , I'm just curious, I kept meaning to ask but kept forgetting. You mentioned Rokuro taking some inspiration from Shibata/KENTA. Sanada kind of reminds me of Misawa, Honma reminds me a bit of Kobashi. Just wondering who else is inspiration. Ichiro is reminiscent of Tanahashi it seems, too. I love that many of the characters seem inspired by real wrestlers, yet still feel original. Just curious to what wrestlers inspired some of your creations
  7. Hey Oz, I know you said you had stuff going on, I just wanted to throw up a few characters that I'm interested in whenever you get to them. Hope everything is getting better for you! -Sean Trueth -Terry Ryan -Brett Evans -Gabriel Niyol - Prentice Jones -Ryan Fierhart - Ocean of Storms tag team - Rivaj Singh like I said, no rush just wanted to get a few of them written out for once you can upload again. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the N-1 roster too! Again, hope things are looking up for you, dude.
  8. Thanks for the update, and hope everything gets better for you, man! Sending good vibes your way
  9. If there are upload requests I'd love to get Brett Evans, Ryan Fierhart, and Gabriel Niyol and if there's a 2k19 version of Terry Ryan, I'd love to get him as well
  10. I'm sure you're busy, just wondering if there is an update coming anytime soon! You do some great work!
  11. Awesome work, yet again! Can't wait to see the rest. Just out of curiosity, have you created any Nihon 1 Championships? I'm just curious to see your designs if you do!
  12. I definitely wanna snatch up Terry Ryan and Ryan Fierhart once you finish them up! Great work on the N-1 stuff!
  13. Looking forward to whatever you put out! Thanks again for reuploading.
  14. Thanks for uploading them! Excited to see the attire rework for Ryan. And I saw earlier in the post that you're considering doing Terry Ryan. Is that still a plan?
  15. Haha I hear that! Oz has so many good ones to choose from, I didn't want to get too greedy! Lol
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