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  1. Well...it was until that shit women's match and this Logan Paul/Maryse segment...
  2. Meh...first turd match of the night. It was bound to happen. Literally all the shit gimmicks in this match. First misstep of the night.
  3. Who lets Becky dress this way? She must be stopped.
  4. BRO...she snatched Dominik.
  5. Who is this man that looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger's drunk brother?
  6. Legendary tribute. You love to see it.
  7. Rey rebounding off the bottom rope is dope...but also pretty sketch.
  8. What was Rey's best attire...and why was it this one?:
  9. Oh no...a backstage television segment. We expected better, Trips.
  10. Dominik with that Eddie mullet and tribute shirt tho...
  12. First hour went quick. This is how WWE should be. Not a chore to watch at all.
  13. EVERYONE seems more comfortable without Vince around. - You can genuinely feel that they are spending less time worrying about what they say and do in the ring.
  14. Or if Sheamus and Dunne can stop pretending that it's 1920.
  15. Honestly, hoping HHH does away with brand split again and unifies the different belts. Maybe even a new set of belts that look like old school WWF belts.
  16. I AM ENJOYING RAW. Not a drill. First episode of the HHH regime and I just added Raw back onto my DVR list for the first time in over a year.
  17. Well...this already feels different.
  18. Not expecting a 180 on creative just yet...but I think I will watch tonight, just out of hopefulness and wishful thinking. Also...celebrating Rey is always worth my time. It would be pretty awesome if Raw had a new intro already. Not expecting this. But...what a statement it would be.
  19. I'm imagining a product that treats itself (and its audience) with respect...much like the black and gold era of NXT. Also...no more burying promising call-ups just because they are "small fish" in a big pond, or pointlessly changing their names or gimmicks to make them look like idiots. One can only hope.
  20. Truth is...Gresham didn't have the kind of name value to book as a main event for a show of this magnitude. I know he's a great talent. Lots of people know he's a great talent...but tons of people also missed what was happening in RoH for the past few years. The company has been in a sort of no-man's land. Which is not Gresham's fault...(in fact, he carried the company through some hard times). BUT...coming right out of that bleak era and trying to book him as a big deal when most people weren't necessarily familiar with him would certainly be a type of calculated risk. I think it made more sense to have the tag title match as the main...and I do think that Khan would have built RoH around Gresham moving forward...but it wasn't a smart opening gambit for the new beginning (so to speak).
  21. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Samoa Joe, Claudio, Malakai Black, Athena, Ruby, Toni Storm, Adam Cole, Fish, O'Reilly, Swerve, Nese, Keith Lee, Andrade, Bryan Danielson, Jeff Hardy, Christian...etc. I mean...I know it's kinda your thing to be contradictory. But...did you sleep through the past year of wrestling?
  22. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Lol @ the Natalya and Austin Theory parts.
  23. Get dragged, you old bastard.
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