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  1. The fact that you even believed it for a second...damn.
  2. Being a little bitch is dangerous business.
  3. Lol...no. Those are easter eggs, put in there as a joke. AMC, nor anyone involved with the Walking Dead are considering any such plot twist. As for tonight's finale...on a scale of 1-10, how real do you think shit's going to get?
  4. Agree 100%. It had to have been an intentional easter egg. Edit: Here's the pic: Definitely intentional (he even has the thing on his neck).
  5. The lady who plays Carol pointed out on the Talking Dead, that:
  6. Oh shiz!...I bet you're right. Great example of my brain not working at all.
  7. Punk is being way too quiet on Talking Dead. It's weird.
  8. Crazy episode. Maybe the craziest one of the entire series. I mean...we saw that shit coming, but yeah...
  9. Punk is a human. He's allowed to have human interests and personal hobbies. He left WWE because he was burnt out on wrestling. Why would he want to talk about it?
  10. I thought that's where the "have you ever" game was going. I thought Beth was gonna be like "never taken a dick before". Would have been awkward as hell if Daryl drank.
  11. Beth has really been a terrible character since they left the prison. She was fine back then, because she didn't say or do much, and because she's cute as hell. But now that she's basically acting as a supporting character...she's just no good at all. Reading her diary entries was probably the dumbest scene in the entire series.
  12. I read the comics too, but I honestly can't remember.
  13. They weren't really relevant characters. I don't think the story will ever loop back to them, but maybe it will.
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