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  1. Who told you to stop referring to the comics? I read the comics before the show came out. I understand the storyline of the comics, but when you post a part of the comic's storyline and state it as if it's the future of the show, I believe I'm entitled to state that you're not necessarily right. It's foolish to say "this is what will happen, because it happened in the comic"...since almost every time someone has tried to predict something based on the comic it has been wrong. Just saying.
  2. ^ Yet again, the show doesn't follow the exact same story arc as the comic, so you should really stop referring to scenes from the comic as if the're guaranteed to happen in the show. In the comic, Shane died in the first few issues, Lori was shot by outsiders long after she'd already given birth, Rick lost his hand (not Merle), Daryl and Merle didn't even exist. The number of differences is staggering. It's a possibility that we may see things from the comic, but there's no guarantee. I would actually hazard a guess that it's more likely we will not. The creator has been quoted saying he wants the show to be different.
  3. Not much to talk about regarding last night's episode...
  4. Merle and Daryl are supposed to fight to the death. So...maybe one of them offers their life to save the other? I don't know...
  5. Well sometimes it's just tough for someone with such superior tastes to not boast about. Spartacus is lame. I tried to watch that shit when it first came out. I'd rather just watch Gladiator 15 times in a row.
  6. Which is sad, and one of the reasons the adaptations are so dumbed down and pussified is because people refuse to read the source material. They didn't need to do that with 300, Sin City and to a point Watchmen. But, it is what it is, band wagons get full for a reason, and people tend to NEVER respect the source and the fans that made the books popular in the first place. But...the creator said that he didn't want the show to be the same as the comic. The show isn't dumbed down...it's just different because that's what Kirkman wanted. If he had wanted a carbon copy like 300 or Watchmen, that's what he would have done. Also, Watchmen was altered from the source material anyway. The ending was changed. And there's certainly nothing "pussified" about the Walking Dead show. If anything, it's more brutal at times than the comic.
  7. The comics and the show are actually quite different...but still, they could be spoilers. Possibly...
  8. Let the countdown commence. This brilliant ad installation loses a finger every day.
  9. Spoiler for profanity more than actual spoiler:
  10. I don't think very many people are gonna argue with that. You actually like and care about the characters in the game. I actually said this on facebook last night after I finished the game. Story-wise, the game was much better. The show still has moments here and there when things get emotional and you feel attached to certain characters and story elements, but the game is volumes better. As for the last episode:
  11. ^ I realize that, I just think the initial Woodbury episode wasn't very good.
  12. Not a fan of Andrea myself. Not really the character, but the actress. I think she has an awkward acting style. She's certainly not a natural. In contrast, the actor who plays Rick is really quite impressive. It always blows me away when I see a British actor who can completely turn off their accent.
  13. Shit got intense in the last three episodes. I missed the two before last night, because I didn't have power for two weeks, but I caught up on them earlier in the day yesterday and then watched the new one at 9. Intense. More excited for next weeks episode than I have been for any episode in the series thus far. The show is definitely more than a zombie show. The comics were the same way. However, there are still boring episodes. For example, a few weeks ago, I thought the episode where they discovered Woodbury was a complete snoozer...but they made up for it with the episodes that followed. I don't need gratuitous zombie violence in every episode...but there are definitely episodes here and there, which lack the draw that other episodes have.
  14. Steven Yeun attempting to mimic the comic version of Glenn on Conan.
  15. None that I've seen. It's too serious of a show for that kind of thing. They did reference fellow AMC show Breaking Bad in one of the episodes though...there was a bag of blue crystal meth visible at one point.
  16. If the show follows the comics, then...
  17. Both of them are ridiculously good looking.
  18. Agreed. I already lost my favorite character from Sons of Anarchy. I'll be pissed if I lose my favorite from Walking Dead as well.
  19. Shane really didn't do much for me. Probably helps that he died in the very early issues of the comics, so I kinda wanted him dead during the entire show. But yeah...I'm not missing him.
  20. So...that preview for the next episode looks more like it spoiled the entire season. There's no way that all of that shit is happening in just one episode.
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