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  1. Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (for PC) This game is a complete rip-off of Legend of Zelda Windwaker, and it doesn't try to hide it at all. Great game in its own right though. Nothing wrong with borrowing a style if you do it honor, which this does.
  2. "Rated E for Everyone...except babies and dead people" Fyi, for the skateboard achievement, you can get it by skitching a ride on a car. I was spending all this time riding around manually, to get the 50,000 meters. Then it dawned on me to grab a car. Achievement popped about two minutes later.
  3. Max Payne is another one that needs to be re-released with achievements. I'd play the shit out of that.
  4. Still working on 100%'ing Bully. I was trying to get the top score in the three arcade games last night. So *censored*ing hard. The only one that I've successfully done, was the Sumo one that you need to win in order to do the one mission. The one with the Monkey flinging poo isn't too hard. I'll probably get that one the next time I play...but the one with the flying squirrel is hard as hell for some reason.
  5. Cities: Skylines Finally got the basics of water, sewage and power down. Finally advancing. City sucks, but it's my first real attempt. Just practice.
  6. Nice capture of "You have a vagina!" Phil.
  7. Cities: Skylines Better than any Sim City game that ever existed.
  8. A new Bully game would be great, IMO...but maybe make it about college life instead of private school.
  9. From the Upload app, hit the "list" button or whatever it's called on the One controller to bring up the different options. Then go to "share". Choose "share to One Drive". Then, on your computer (assuming you have One Drive installed), choose the pictures that were sent from the Xbox One to the One Drive, and upload them to a picture hosting site like you would with a normal picture on your computer.
  10. Obsessed with the new screenshot feature on One. Some random pics:
  11. These *censored*ing games that Muur plays...
  12. Bully Scholarship Edition for 360. Recently picked up in a digital sale for like $3.
  13. Have you already played it on PS3 or 360? If so, that would be a personal choice. If you've never played it, then definitely...it's a great game.
  14. Tomb Raider (the free one with gold on 360). Always wanted to play it, but didn't really want to buy it. Definitely a good game. Also just banged out World of Keflings because I downloaded that for free a long time ago and never touched it. That was a fun game too, surprisingly.
  15. Donkey Kong Country for 3DS. I used my Nintendo Club coins and got it as a free download. I never really got into the DK series before...but I really like this one.
  16. Malcolm's parents became Pokemon Trainers...
  17. Stupid move, tbh. Abyss didn't even break that pin. Dude be slow as shit.
  18. This Wyatt-wanting to be mofo...brain washing people and cutting mysterious promos and shit.
  19. Every live show has a delay of a few seconds (for the specific purpose of censoring inappropriate language and wardrobe malfunctions).
  20. A "stfu" chant. TNA gon' get dropped by DA in their first week. Lol.
  21. Camera guy can't even find the wrestlers that Angle is mentioning. Lol.
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