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  1. Generations

    WWE Drama

    It really sounds like NXT will be trash moving forward. Makes me kinda glad that I haven't had the time to keep up with it for the better part of the past year. Now instead of mourning a loss, I can just continue to move forward with business as usual.
  2. Just tragic. In another universe, that help might have reached her in time. RIP
  3. Somebody tell Jericho to get this coat for the next time he faces MJF...
  4. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I used to not give a shit about political affiliation. But then "political affiliation" ceased to actually exist. What we have in a post-Trump landscape is not "political", it is something else entirely. And, yeah...I just don't want to be around that type of person...for reasons that have nothing to do with actual politics. Ignorance is not political, it is a choice (a terribly toxic choice that I don't have the energy to tolerate). I know that Kayla means well...but she's just not saying anything of actual substance with a tweet like that. If someone is racist, homophobic, spreads lies and hatred, trusts religion over science...then I'm not making amends with them or having them in my life. Clearly, if I ever let a person like that into my life, it would have been a mistake to begin with.
  5. That sucks, man. But that's a long life. I'm sure she lived it well.
  6. Nick Gage wins it back eventually. Tosses it to the fans and tells them to destroy it. Nothing like that has ever happened before...so it would be pretty awesome.
  7. Everything I hear about this game keeps me cautiously optimistic. Adding liveries for licensed characters and franchises is, of course, awesome. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/08/hot_wheels_unleashed_dlc_will_add_cars_based_on_street_fighter_dc_barbie_and_more?fbclid=IwAR058uSDFqLNUnveWJjAQsT1inzryiB2NnOwH-7aAWoGLCxDYWBDcUJuQ-c
  8. It's so awful. (Intentionally so, but still). Lol
  9. I never realized that Psychonauts was mainly about exploring this camp. I'm not sure that I ever put much thought into what Psychonauts was at all. I just knew that it looked cool and I always wanted to play it, but never did. Now that I'm finally getting around to playing the original after all these years, I'm enjoying it a lot.
  10. I'm looking forward to the new Saints Row. Obviously, that trailer was all cgi and not in-game...but everything about that gave me vibes of Saints Row 1&2 instead of the joke that series became. I feel like this should help with the wait for GTA6 a considerable amount. And it literally came out of nowhere. I didn't even know they were developing a new game. I didn't catch any "woke" vibes, and I'm not really sure what that even means in the context of that trailer. It did feel corny at times and some of the character designs felt like they were Fortnite adjacent. BUT...as I said, it's clearly a cgi trailer. That shit doesn't bother me. Gameplay is a different story.
  11. More pc bullshit. Shell infrastructure host is idling between 11-20% cpu, causing the fans to run. It's not like it's completely overwhelming my cpu, at least...but I still *censored*ing hate it. Anything other than absolute silence from my pc gives me anxiety. It just starting doing this shit today. I'm sure I need to wait for another update to fix whatever is causing it. It starts doing it about 10 mins after the computer has already been on, and I keep hoping it will stop on its own, but it doesn't.
  12. Bowens coming out to Acclaimed music alone is gonna trigger people. Lol Myself definitely included.
  13. I watched up to (and including) the Impact KO match. I'll finish the rest later. Show is okay...but also kinda meh. Everybody talks too much...and everybody is acting like this event is actually something revolutionary, when women have been doing awesome for a long time now. It just feels like one of those moments where they completely missed the boat when it happened. And now they're trying to act like they did it first. It was bad when WWE did it, and it's just as bad now. Japan always had a strong women's scene. And the indies empowered women before anybody else did in the US. An all-female show is just as bad as an all-male show.
  14. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I said it before...but my ideal position for Cole in his AEW debut is in a tag team with Hangman.
  15. Generations

    WWE Drama

    The only person Joe is hurting is Joe. So...his comments don't mean much to me. It's just a shame, is all. Dude had a serious opportunity to close out his career as a legend. But he bought into WWE's bullshit again in the end. And it's especially alarming, given the rumored new direction of NXT and general abysmal nature of Raw and even the PPVs. Dude signed away his last good years, and I hope it ends up being fruitful. He'll probably wrap this NXT title reign, get injured again, and end up back behind commentary pretending the matches on Raw are actually watchable.
  16. You think that asshole got his six figures? Lol
  17. Generations

    WWE Drama

    In other words...WWE will continue the trend of getting worse, and AEW is due for a bounty of actual talent. Hooray beer!
  18. Honestly, I'm fine with the 2022 release. Forza Horizons 5 and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond will hold me over easily.
  19. Open to the public seems like a mistake during a pandemic.
  20. I need to get back to this. I just play my PS4 so damn rarely.
  21. Billie with that one white boot. It does things, man...it does things.
  22. *censored*ing lord help me...
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