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  1. Watched about two thirds of Raw. Will finish it tomorrow, maybe. - I really enjoy Judgement Day. All three members are really doing well in their own ways. Balor and Priest are both great on the mic. I though the promo this week really showed what both of them are capable of. Also, enjoyed the "Punishment" nod from Priest. Probably my favorite thing happening in WWE now. Kinda missed most of the early Judgement Day stuff due to Vince still being around and me not watching WWE for over a year. But, I'm happy to see what they are currently. 

  2. Mance Warner is awesome. Not taking that tweet too seriously...and I don't know why Mancer would get a title shot either...but I do like the guy, and having surprises like Ol' Mancer being in a random AEW match are always welcome to me. Also, Miro just isn't that interesting of a character to me. I'm not saying he shouldn't be pushed more than he is...but, I also don't think his redeemer gimmick is anything too riveting. Mance getting a TNT title shot would make more sense than a world title shot...but I still don't see it as a huge deal. I think a  better question is honestly "Why the hell is Jericho still getting title shots when he is consistently the worst part of every episode?"

  3. Just doing that thing of playing a bunch of random shit at the same time. 

    WWE 2K22, Eiyuden Chronicle, and Tekken 7 on Xbox

    Cozy Grove on Switch


    Also started playing Minecraft again...on Xbox Series X. I had pretty much done everything in this game on Xbox 360...way back in the day. Then I played it more on Switch. But, I guess the newer versions have refreshed achievements (I assumed these just rolled over from the older version). So...I'm enjoying going back through and collecting those. Also, it's just such a good stress-free game to kill time with. Sometimes I look at my game library and just go "nope...nope...don't want to play that..." (which is kinda where I've been this week. So I figured...let me just jump back into this shit.

  4. Intending to watch Prey after I finish Sandman. Speaking of which...Sandman is just cast very, very well. I'm not super familiar with the source material...but, I was listening to Neil Gaiman on WTF podcast with Marc Maron (so I know that they did a lot of gender-swapping type stuff with the characters). And I really don't know if the characters in the show are better this way (because I don't know what they originally were)...but, I do think that everyone on the show is doing a pretty excellent job. I especially enjoyed Gwendolyn Christie as Lucifer. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, EJ! said:

    elaborate before i get mad


    AEW on a downward trend. WWE on an upward trend with Vince gone.

    New management. Different era. People's priorities change. 

    I think a lot of people who previously ruled WWE out are probably considering it now.

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