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    Yeah right.

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    Super Dragon 🦍
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    1, PWG, 2, ROH, 3, WWE (I'm a mark)
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    Latino, Born in PA
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  1. Dude idk why I always forget about the wcw games.. But it's prob the best non wwe/wcw game imo.. Excluding fire pro ofc
  2. Impact is prob the best non wwe wrestling game. (Other than fire pro)
  3. Those are some bars right there
  4. Can you do some videos on the new MDickie wrestling game?
  5. Random rap I made, criticism greatly appreciated So let me clarify, This is the the tale of the tape not a tale of a cape But instead I'm rocking bape But I'm forsure better than the rest Even better than the best Better than Kanye West Always blessed but always never stressed Zip up the vest and now I'm ready On the conquest which you can call unsteady But now lemme get this off my chest There's no coming back from here No fire escape Even a few more seconds in Still rocking bape without a fire escape When I'm done I'll crush you like an orange Swing you like a door hinge Your not official your just On the fringe Yet I still ride this track, this an attack Like kakarot on that flying nimbus I've got that good vibe like a getting a gift on Christmas The names Armani You can't really call my brawny Since even 12 years in I'm still a little bit scrawny Even though i can still pack a punch Just like your mommy packed your lunch Hero like Kurt no I'm not talking grunge Tallinn bout the Olympic Gold Medalist, the Cryptic Bold Specialist Through my skillset is still under development When ever I start writing these rhymes I'm in my natural element
  6. Bringing this back. Have you ever disappointed your parents?
  7. Lucky for you an image pops up that relates to You...
  8. Wrestling MPire: REMIX Funny how I got this game running. I had downloaded Wine while trying to install PCSX2 on my mom's Macbook Air but dropped it because it was kinda of pissing me off. So earlier I downloaded MPire just to see what would happen completely forgetting I had Wine and it actually ran! There is a huge glaring issue which is I can not save my progress due to the only way opening it being installing it again wiping the slate clean. Tomorrow I will try and look into that. dm if you have a solution.
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