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  1. Nice work on your stings! And thank you for the offering of help. I will try my best to creat a good sting.
  2. thank you, but your work is amazing too and your arenas are first class
  3. But i saw that you uploaded arena textures i would use for wcw arenas. I saw that the files are down.
  4. I want to create the 2k19 guys i made in the past and the guys who are missing from 2k19. Kurt hennig, lex, sting with long hair red painting, ddp... at the end i want to create the whole wcw/nwo revenge roster. Thank you for the offering of face textures, but i want to make caws with my own textures. I posted all my textures from past wwe2k19 and 2k20 caws in the forum. In the first post is a link, maybe you want to have some of my textures
  5. chris jericho new attire added
  6. Hello, i want to share with you my self created face textures and attire textures that I used for my PC CAWs (and future PC CAWs) so you can recreate them on your Plattform or use it for whatever you want to do with it . My goal is to share my experience with you, save your time for reseaching/photoshopping and maybe help you improve your caw skills so i dont have to recreate my CAWs for every new wwe game :). If you want to know the morph settings i can edit it afterwards in this thread. You can see my creations here: 2k19, 2k20 I used the face psd template from defract. you can get it from his youtube tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIZ4slB0aeU&t=1s The Giant: The Attire is in the game you dont have to add something.
  7. Hey Petey, your arenas are incredible. it seems that your textures are no longer available on mediafire. is there any chance that you reupload the textures, i want to create the wcw arenas for pc?
  8. thank you very much guys i appreciate your feedback!
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