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  1. released now: mongo jericho lex luger:
  2. thanks petey, thats all because of you. you pushed me everytime with your comments to do more. you gave me my dopamin everytime i needed it with your comments haha. really, without your pushes i would not make caws today. thank you brother!
  3. Dean Malenko now downloadable
  4. DDP update now downloadable
  5. chris benoit update now downloadable
  6. nwo sting update now downloadable
  7. Check out my twitter. I will post all my morph settings for all caws there. Have fun recreating
  8. you can go outside with them and do positiv stuff, like batman haha
  9. ddp reworked (better texture)
  10. Sick Boy (Ravens flock) thanks to gamingninja86 (smacktalks forum) for improving the quality of the facetexture!!!
  11. Rey Misterio Haloween Havoc attire (pink panth.....ehm phantom @Petey_the_Clown :D) big thanks @Petey_the_Clown for the textures!!!
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