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  1. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    some ingame screens of my favourite match type (8 man pin battleroyale)
  2. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    small preview of what is coming next:
  3. yes you are right. its hard to find good pictures from the front face that are in hd aswell (old wcw characters). i would love to see a texture tutorial by you !!!!
  4. the rock looks ultra good, i would say perfect, but something with the front face of jericho dont look right. or maybe because the hair and the hairline is not colorised right. but from the side he looks really good. the facetextures are really nice done. how did you do them, that they looks so good ingame?
  5. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    after a small ingame session. and hogan preview (turned nwo/heel attire). wich 4th attire should i choose for him (nwo)? thanks @ShawnVallance for the some of the great textures!!
  6. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    what do you think of the face/body morph?
  7. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    Thank you very much shawn!! Its cool to hear that from you, because you are a big fan and expert of hogan ^^
  8. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    ok guys i think he is my best creation so far! thanks and credit to @ShawnVallance for some attire textures!!!!! Hogan:
  9. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    No sorry ^^. I want to make the revenge roster.
  10. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    hogan preview: I was frightened to make him, because he is wrestling! so i hesitated to do him, but i think i got him so far. what do you think?
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