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  1. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    My actual status of all my caws https://mobile.twitter.com/Peja121/status/1443271480788332559
  2. Ok thanks bro. I was creating for 2k19 the last months. Check my twitter. I almost got the full revenge roster
  3. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    Disco Inferno !!!
  4. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    I uploaded them yesterday. Try it now. #wcw creator "darius"
  5. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    updated version of saturn
  6. Oh. Ok i saw it. Nice. I thought i lost all the stuff ^^
  7. I wanted a break. I Was refreshing the pages every 5 min. I deactivated it and lost all my 300 follower xD . I will be back on twitter when aew or 2k22 comes out.
  8. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    I take a break. I will be back in may
  9. Peja12

    WCW CAW´s

    another pac finished
  10. Thank you. I will see what i can do with it.
  11. He looks awesome!! You saturn looks great too. He is on my list https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EwXj7dEXMAUxQn9?format=png&name=large . Do you have his tattoos? I will finish my brian adams this week and will start saturn. But the version you got there is really good.
  12. @tekken57 i posted all my new textures on twitter. You can find them there. I was too lazy to update this thread. So if you want the actual morph settings or face/attire textures, ten you can find them on twitter. I have to upload everything on some upload platform in future so you guys dont have to search the whole day ^^
  13. Hi @tekken57 what an honor. of course you can release the mod, but it has to be free for all, like all my textures and stuff. I am really happy that you like my creations. That honors me. Yes please keep going on modding my other caws. Cant wait to see the results. @Petey_the_Clown Thanks mate!! Did you see my new stuff? Bischoff, norton, and the others? I'm more active on twitter. https://mobile.twitter.com/Peja121 but i'm posting sometime here in the 2k19 thread too.
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