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  1. bdawwg1021

    WWE Drama

    Vince steps down as CEO temporarily but will still have control of creative. Stephanie takes his place as CEO in the meantime.... things just got interesting given she just recently left.
  2. Natalya has ruined her face with botox and plastic surgery.. It's sad to see.
  3. bdawwg1021

    WWE Drama

    Apparently she was arrested tonight and will be charged with manslaughter, and 8 other charges.. Honestly, the best place for her is behind bars.
  4. This Lacy Evans sh!t is so cringe. If they're trying to get her over as a face this why, it isn't working. People are bored of it.
  5. This is getting ridiculous. Every single show, either Allin/Sting or Hardys get beat down.. and the others come out for the save.. Like every single show since Jeff's debut. It's getting stale and boring. Is this actually going to lead to a match between the two tag teams or what?
  6. Would be a shame if Roman is injured & requires surgery. Hopefully we'll have an update soon.
  7. WWE are one of the best when it comes to putting together video packages.. 10/10
  8. Women's tag team seemed very uncoordinated and sloppy.
  9. Man, is it just me or is the Hit Detection terrible half the time? Definitely needs patching in my opinion
  10. Then once I go back into edit superstar, their alt attires are blank.
  11. Anyone having trouble creating alt attires for superstars? Created two alts for Jeff Hardy, only for them to disappear almost instantly. Saved, tried to play a one on one using one of the alt attires, but nothing to chose from. Very frustrating.
  12. I'm in Australia. Currently 7:00pm Monday evening 7th of March. I caved and purchased the Deluxe edition. Playstation says I'll be able to begin playing at 11:30pm tonight. So I've only got 4 and a half hours to go!
  13. I think it's time to ditch Showcase mode. It's impossible to get a superstars best matches due to contacts/no longer being with said company. My idea would be a mode called Wrestlemania Rewind. Essentially a rebuilt version of Showcase mode, based on different superstars best Wrestlemania matches, including the build up to said match (involving gameplay and cutscenes of the build up). I'd be happy with 10 to 15 different Wrestlemania matches that wasn't just the same Superstar. Share it around in my opinion. Plenty of options that are still contracted to WWE.
  14. If Toni Storm was slated to be DLC, then she would have been removed from those plans due to her release.
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