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  1. So you are saying you can get plenty of wrestlers in the game on pc that you need to find caws for? Where does most people get mods from a site you recommend I can look at?
  2. Hey All I am trying to decide whether to get this game on the ps4 or pc and a lot of it will have to do with caws and some other things. Like are their caws for Demoltion adn the road warriors and such? And if so doe sthe ps4 allow you to have their intro music and such? How much customization can be done on a ps4?
  3. Hey All I am thinking about getting this for the pc over the ps4 due to it seems there would be more options like most games when it comes to mods. But caws are important for me cruical in fact to get the wrestlers not in the game. How is the caw community for this on pc? And would getting it through steam does their workshop have a lot of wrestlers as well? Like i have fire pro wrestling through them and I can find any wrestler who ever wrestled. Any feedback you can give me on the pc caw works. Thaanks
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