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Brother this guy stinks

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    AJ Styles or John Morrison
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    Hip Hop
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  1. No unfortunately not man, again I apologize for responding late, never recieve notifications but the ones are ones that are actually in this thread. Thanks in advance
  2. Yeah these are the ones. I’m really sorry about not replying early even tho I asked. I didn’t recieve any notifications. Thanks in advance If you can make ‘em
  3. Alright so I’m in the process of making a very good looking AJ Styles attire (about the WrestleMania 32 attire) I just need the logos he has on his tights. I need his red “strings” yknow the things he has on his legs that are red and are going across his leg from his belt. He only wore them once and google just doesn’t wanna search them up. I just don’t know what they’re called, and every time I search wm32 attire on Google. No great results come up. It’d be very greatly appreciated if y’all can make the logos. I’ve never made any requests here before so yeah. Thanks in advance y’all.
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