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  1. Hello guys. Here is Batista's moveset from 2002 plus some moves from 2003. This is because the moves Batista uses in 2003 are very few and he didn't show up much in Raw at the time. Bases Taunts Come On ! 1 Taunt Undertaker 5 Taunt Brock Lesnar Taunt Animal Ready Moves Attack Clothesline 3 Toe Kick 1 Triple H Punches 3 Snap Jab Undertaker Body Punch Undertaker Punches 1 Submission Grapple Arm Wrench Wrist & Arm Wrench Headlock 1 Snapmare & Neck Lock Signature Grapple Full Nelson Slam Fireman Carry Slam Spinebuster 8 Backbreaker 2 Power Grapple Batista Lifting & Toss Suplex Pin 3 Oklahoma Slam 1 Mat Slam 1 Quick Grapple Clothesline 31 Respect Me? Club To Neck 3 Undertaker Strikes Grapple Attack Body Attack 1 Punch 1 Body Attack 2 Back Attack Backbreaker 6 Knee Clip Elbow To Back Of Head 2 Forearm Smash Test Full Nelson Slam 2 Triple H Low Kick Sleeper Hold 2 Mat Slam 2 Ground Attack Undertaker Stomp Elbow Drop 10 Elbow Drop 2 Grapple Sleeper Hold & Scissors 2 Mounted Punching 2 Reverse Chin Lock 2 Knee Smash 2 Kick To Head Kick To Leg 2 Turnbuckle Attack Turnbuckle Clothesline Shoulder Block 3 Knee Attack 1 Grapple Mudhole Stomping 2 Back Elbow Strike 2 Foot Choke 1 Body Strikes Pushes Turnbuckle Back Attack Turnbuckle Smash Hanging in Reverse Shoulder Strike Turnbuckle Toe Kick Rope Opponent Rope Down Choke 3 Rebound Attack Shoulder Block 2 Double Axe Handle 5 Vautling Body Press 2 Jump Down Over Baseball Slide Aerial Stand Double Axe Handle 3 Flying Clothesline 1 Down Knee Drop 1 Elbow Drop 3 Diving Elbow Running Attack Clothesline 14 Shoulder Block 2 Grapple Spear 2 Spear 3 Back Attack Knee Clip Mat Slam 2 Squatting Attack Elbow Drop 11 Double Axe Handle 5 Counter Spinebuster 8 Flapjack 3 Back Drop 2 Double Team Stand Double Punches 1 Double Punches 2 Double Suplex 1 Double Clothesline Double Beat Head Turnbuckle Kick to Gut Mudhole Stomping 1 Spine & Neckbreaker Body Splash & Whip Special Powerbomb 16 (Batista Bomb Pin) Powerbomb 10 (Batista Bomb Without Pin) Favorites Fireman Carry Slam Spinebuster 8 Spear 3 Weapon Special DDT (x2) Combination Moves Undertaker Punches 1 (Flip) Triple H Punches 2 (Flip) Clothesline 3 I hope it has served. Do not forget to comment, share and stay at home. Greetings from Argentina
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