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  1. Thanks. The attire is mostly made with in-game designs with a few textures that I've learned to do through the phone. There's a few that needs to be changed/improved but i don't have a PC to do it.
  2. Hana (Attempt number 3) Not quite happy with the brightness of the face photo but i think this is slightly better than the previous version. Attire
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll go with hair choice 2 then but I'm gonna put Syuri on hold till I can get a better ref photo for her attire. Giulia Updated Hair Choice 1 Hair Choice 2 Ring Attire Almost done. Game crashes every time I try to add designs on the side of her tights. Entrance Attire Maki Itoh (Early)
  4. Syuri Early face preview The hair choices in this game is terrible. Hair Choice 1 Hair Choice 2
  5. Yeah, i guess that's why CC doesn't have many Stardom/Joshi caws. Hana Updated MAIKA Updated Attire 2 (JTO) Face photo and morph updated Entrance Attire Ring Attire (WIP) Still need to place logo on her tights. Can't find a better photo. Sigh
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, yes I've already tried playing them in-game, not entirely happy with the faces to be honest. Will definitely look better if i can create face textures but this is what i can do for now.
  7. Thanks, i regret selling my 2K19. There are tons of Joshi CAWs. I plan to just release this caw and let people edit if I couldn't finish it. I'm working on MAIKA as well. Not happy with the face though. Hana Kimura WIP I suck at attires. Unhappy with the choice of hair, wanted to cover the shaved spot with hair textures but i don't know how. Also the same issue with Giulia. Anyway, suggestions are welcome. MAIKA WIP
  8. Hi everyone, this is my first attempt cawing in 2K20. I don't know how to make face or attire textures and I don't have a PC. I had to find a good face photo without her hair covering her face which took alot of time. Help and suggestions needed. Thanks.
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