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  1. Would anybody be able to make a Drake Maverick face texture? I tried to and i'm honestly just bad at it or does anyone know where I can find one? Thank you!
  2. Edge downloaded perfect this time. Thanks for the hard work. I very rarely download caws of in game guys but this is must have.
  3. That seems logical to me although I dont know much about caw making. Edit - I was on the previous page so I didnt see any further posts. My bad.
  4. Yeah I downloaded it and didnt have a face texture or tattoos either. I even deleted it and removed logos and redownloaded it. Still missing. Looks awesome though.
  5. Looks awesome. Already downloaded it. I forgot to mention in my earlier post, any chance of an upload with his updated tattoos? Always feels wrong having a 2006 model.
  6. I know you don't take requests so i'm just curious, are you planning on doing Edge's return attire? My favorite of all time and know you would do it justice. Thanks! Never posted so I hope im going about this right.
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