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  1. Anyone else download Angle and see he’s got a crazy shine in the editor??
  2. These new attires are phenomenal as always. I subscribed on YouTube. It’s a great idea to showcase your talents. Your attires and the entrances are the best part about 2K20 because the rest of that game is broken beyond repair. I’ve noticed some creators like Defract have come back to 2K19 with them extending online community creations - is there any chance we could see you (or possibly someone else with permission) convert some of these attires back over to 2K19? You really help extend the life of these games. Thanks for all the attires. - Cheers
  3. I feel that. 2K19 is such a good game I went back. 2K20 sucks. I’m still using a lot of your attires from last year so thanks. If you ever need moveset help holla at me. I know every move in 2K19 like the back of my hand having played it for so long now
  4. @Gamevolt any chance with things in the real and wrestling world slowing down these days that we can possibly get these converted over to 2K19?? Hope everyone on the community is staying safe! - Cheers
  5. Both look great. I feel like the models in the creation suite looked better last year though. I noticed on Twitter you said you will be uploading Cody to the 2K19 servers...is that true? Is there anything else that might be coming to 2K19? I noticed WolfgangJT posted on Twitter that a charismatic creation was coming for 2K19 as well. - Cheers
  6. Any chance you could upload any of these attires on 2K19 for those of us still playing?? 2K20 is just too damn broken... I would guess I am not the only one who would be thankfully for just a few of these on 2K19 but regardless I love checking in on this topic. You are the GOAT brother - better than the 2K developers FOR SURE - Cheers
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