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Everything posted by P1styles88

  1. I think it broke his twitch channel lol
  2. Hey what happened to your twitch channel?
  3. Hey bro. Its a shame they lost but I hope you keep teaming them up. Anyway I uploaded a new tag team attire for Top Tier. Search bpw or stipularlist868 or acw original
  4. Its been awhile since I've checked out the stream and gotta say I'm loving the whole top tier gimmick you gave to my guys. I might just have to use that myself lol
  5. Hey bro, how did you get your arena during the rumble?
  6. Glad to see Mike Willis is off to a good start. I noticed his logos weren't on him so I'm going to upload him after replacing them so please re download when you get a chance. Ps I dont know if u noticed but I was previously luchafan but forgot my signing info lol so this is my new name.
  7. Tags are marvelous77
  8. Hey, any chance I can add the brand new "Upper Echelon" Mike Willis to your roster? Hes had a complete makeover and would be a great heel.
  9. Hey bro, if you ever want a compilation done of the promotion let me know. Here's my latest with my promotion
  10. Has anyone else noticed that uploaded images no longer become the texture of the clothes in which you put them on?
  11. Image uploader is broken!! I cannot upload anything now. I get am unknown error has occurred message when I try and log on. How do I make a new account without having to buy 2k20 again?
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