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  1. Screaming Females- Desert Train
  2. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs- Ultimate Hammer
  3. “Leakers” trying to get one last thing over on the public before the truth comes out, methinks.
  4. Not sure, but I’ve been watching IGN Fan Fast and AEW Fight Forever’s release date is…….coming soon! Lol
  5. I didn’t mean this year; I meant that in a future release I bet he will admit the models weren’t as good as they could be and basically trash every previous 2K release just to hype the current one and make you think it’s this giant leap forward. Then when it’s time to show proof of this and we get a preview of a new model, it’ll STILL be jacked up like Lita’s and we’ll be on these forums wondering what the hell happened. Lol
  6. I’m actually entertained by how often Lynell admits that their previous year’s work was trash but NOW it’s supposed to be different. He hyped up 2K20 like it was this great thing that they had all this creative freedom and now he admits they released a game they weren’t proud of. Now he admits caws were never on par with in-game models. How many other things in between did he admit weren’t great after the fact? He basically said he knew Universe was trash and a victim of neglect now that they supposedly are using the MyRise engine for that, whatever that means. I should be clear. I like Lynell and im sure he’s a passionate guy regarding what he does and im sure he works with really talented folks who try their best. I just feel like we’re due for some sort of downgrade and him saying “We decided quality was more important than quantity, y’all! That’s why the roster is smaller this year..” only for the models to still look trashy in the end or something like that. Lol.
  7. I dunno, even AJ Styles looks kinda jacked up in every clip I’ve seen of the Showcase model. Hopefully it’s just the facial expressions.
  8. I feel like we shouldn’t get too excited about models until we see them after this Lita incident. Worried about Bruno..
  9. When 2K models are good, they’re REALLY good. It’s heaven. When they’re bad though, they’re embarrassingly so. I could’ve sworn that we would get a modern Lita, new tats and all. Doesn’t bode well for Molly Holly I’m afraid.
  10. Yeah, it can be a struggle to see caws in the same light as in-game models but I thought the really good caws were close in 2K22, and now they claim to have made them look even better, so I can’t wait to see it. Hopefully there’s no catch like Face Photos no longer being a thing. That would suck. I’ve never cared about having the right trons and shit…and the music thing is what it is. I have no choice but to be passionate about caws because it’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at. Lol. I respect the modders but I’m a ride or die caw guy and I love what I do and love the community. But yeah the fact that I can make a better Lita than the official model is embarrassing for them.
  11. A creator named LeeValentine made this for ‘22. You tell me which is better than which. Lol
  12. The more I and everyone want and hope for Asuka to win, the more I look at Raquel and think they’re gonna try to hotshot her into a mania match because she’s Rhea’s old friend and it would be a nice little “future of the business” moment, as blah as I think her and Rhea are.
  13. I don’t even know why I get upset over a model that I’ll barely even use, it’s just……so insulting to look at. I get that they’re getting paid to make hundreds of people and Lita is just one of them and it may not be a big deal to them because they have have deadlines and shit, but man oh man is that a rotten model… like I don’t even care what comes out of MyFaction for her because a caw maker could legit make something that actually looks more like her.
  14. They even went with the same old inaccurate attire. It’s legit like they barely tried with her.
  15. Welp. If ya didn’t catch today’s 2K Showdown, you didn’t miss much, unless you really wanted to see Cora Jade and Lita. Lita ain’t looking so good from what I saw, and it’s the same weird looking entrance from years prior, only sped up in the middle to look even weirder. I really wished they had mocapped a new entrance for her that doesn’t look so funny. I may need a closer look at Lita’s model because I didn’t like what I saw there. Edit- You be the judge…
  16. Killvein- a bullet behind the eyes
  17. It isn’t just about bad words. They can edit any song they want to, you’re right. It’s the content of his music. Most of his songs are about how horny he is, aren’t they? Lol. It wouldn’t make sense for a WWE2K game, whereas, in “Booker T” he’s confidently going on about how great he is, which is perfect for a 2K game. The soundtrack has made its way into more reputable sites so it looks like it’s legit. Stoked to see Idles finally making it on a soundtrack since they’re obviously wrestling fans if you listen to some of their music where they name drop wrestlers.
  18. I always say I “grew up with” the people who were in FCW in 2010-2012 because we were all in our 20’s at the same time and I would see some of them partying in Ybor City occasionally. We were all young and experiencing the city of Tampa at the same time. It was a cool time going to FCW shows and all that. Can’t believe you’re 23 Jeb. I thought you’d be my age for as long as you’ve been a mod on here lol Enjoy your 20s man… we only get to be young for like 29 years and then we’re just old for the rest of it. Lol
  19. Most of Bad Bunny’s music isn’t appropriate for a WWE2K game. “Booker T” was like the only one really. Lol. And I don’t know if Poppy has released anything new this year. They haven’t brought her back into the NXT fold again yet. So I dunno, people are treating it as legit.
  20. Yeah I can see where a Harley Race may not necessarily be a game changer at the box office or even someone as perpetually over as Jim Duggan…they would just be nice to have. The way I see it, there’s most of the fanbase, including us on these forums, who are probably mostly gonna buy the game regardless. What about those who aren’t? What about those who are on the fence? That’s where you pad your roster with legends and with celebrities in hopes to get extra eyes on the product that previously wouldn’t have been there, and if you’re lucky it equates to sales, like I think Bad Bunny will be a fairly good seller this year. They did a great job with the 5 DLC packs last year I feel. Hope it does nothing but get even better.
  21. For some reason I didn’t see Meiko flying out to challenge for the belt. Don’t know how I didn’t see that coming. That’s actually perfect.
  22. It’s kind of hard to say certain legends aren’t gonna sell well when there’s a whole contingent of the fanbase that say there aren’t enough legends and use that as a reason to skip the latest release. The old WWE champions should be in every game if we’re gonna mirror what’s successful and what works for the hugely popular NBA2K franchise. Like I personally get it to play with the ‘95 Bulls for example. Bruno is a part of what is selling me on this release, roster-wise. That’s like saying they cut Flair because he doesn’t determine whether people will buy the games anymore.
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