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  1. Same. I mean im glad War Games made it in, but I’m kinda just buying the game just to have the latest one. Haven’t seen anything besides war games that really sells me. That’s where new moves tends to do the trick. Caw-wise, as long as custom logos on all parts of the body including the face are still a thing, I’m satisfied this year.
  2. Y’know, someone should tell Bad Bunny that it would help if he promoted the game in any way. He’s one of the hottest artists in the world right now and instead of using a platform like Twitter to say “Hey, buy this and play as me!”, he’s been silent since New Year’s Eve. Hopefully he promotes it once it’s out during the Mania hype.
  3. Kody and I are actually more alike than he may think; I just play with the hand I’m dealt and try not to complain about things, atleast not as constantly. It becomes annoying to people real quick. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I have mine as well. Kody and I want a lot of the same things for the franchise, because it’s just common sense, a lot of the things we want in our PRO WRESTLING games. I just see sales trending upward again and it’s like “Shit, they’re gonna look at that and keep going in the same direction..” and I actually found the new direction exciting so I’m here for it. You forget that we are gonna have competition finally for the first time in years so the most corporate version of a wrestling game playing like a fighting game somewhat doesn’t bother me.
  4. ..only most of that isn’t gone, it’s just hidden behind the combos. Every close range, regular and strong strike is there behind the combos, ON TOP of being available after you lock up. I agree that the lock up before you do everything shouldn’t be a thing, but it is for now, and I’m not hopping up and down mad about it. It just is what it is. You can assign your superstar SO many more moves because of combos so I don’t wanna hear another sob story about how they threw away a formula they’d been working on with Yuke’s ever since we were kids. I mean it was the same game every year, only with things taken away here and there that we liked.
  5. It’s all a blur. One moment he had a boys choir creepily singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”……the next moment he’s the Fiend and doing all this supernatural crap. Now he seems aimless.
  6. Im sure we’ll have custom combos again in the near future, if not the very near future. Even though I had to do custom combos for everyone I made, I never used the combos or rarely ever did until they made combos what they are now.
  7. T-minus how long before they steal the Best Friends’ pop? GOT TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT
  8. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Stay the same and have people trash the gameplay for not going anywhere innovative in 20 years and watch sales continue to drop because the games “aren’t what they used to be” even though the problem is that they’re exactly the same but with more moves. Or take a risk on something new that works out sales-wise and have people who criticize the gameplay because it isn’t the same as it’s been for 20 years. If they’re gonna face a backlash either way, I’d rather the way that makes money. You really don’t have to use combos at all if you don’t want to. You have access to more moves if you do, though, so…more moves= I like it.
  10. Well, it could be that a lot of us are creators and we salivate over what new moves we will be able to assign our characters each year, or which new moves come with in-game superstars that weren’t there the previous years. Still so much work to do in the new moves category so it’s always something I look forward to the most. It shows how much they did or didn’t look out for us in a given dev cycle, I suppose. My opinion. I’m gonna be playing a lot of War Games if that counts as a mode, but Showcase, GM, Universe, etc, are all things I play through like once and never again. I enjoy MyRise and Creation Suite the most, and playing with my and other creations in Exhibition. New moves are part of what keeps the game fresh.
  11. Uneventful day. Would be nice to see all the new moves before the game is out. Resurrect 2Kdev.
  12. Steel Beans- Molotov Cocktail Lounge Bazanji, Joznez, Marvin Brooks- Winning Time
  13. Swiss19 would probably be the answer, if nothing else
  14. NWO edition was a massive letdown as it was just alt attires mostly and Eric Bischoff, with minimal new moves. Hope the OVW versions of wrestlers turn out better than that with new moves. Plus, I dunno….far as retro Brock is concerned, is it a sin to want his shoulder rolling stance from HCTP back for this game? I mean if we’re gonna bring back fight stances, let’s have character specific ones here and there.
  15. Leviathan already makes it better than the NWO pack if they do him justice. He’s the only reason I would get the Icon edition, but I’m getting the Deluxe and will hopefully have those models within months.
  16. If you didn’t like 2K22, you’re probably not gonna like 2K23. That isn’t an insult; that’s just a fact of life. I had a great year creating for 2K22 and as long as we still have use of custom logos I’m probably gonna have a good year of creating this year too. Can’t say I’m hype until I see all the new moves, but I’m not indifferent.
  17. It’s an UpUpDownDown thing. He and Breeze play GM Mode like every year. It’s called Battle of the Brands.
  18. I don’t know what extra work goes into tightrope moves but Old School is there, and Shane McMahon’s coast to coast is there, where he takes a step to the side before leaping. Woods’ tightrope elbow drop seems entirely possible these days, since he only takes 2 steps to the side. I still want my Blazing Arrow in the game.. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxpFJkZwUMOeNDok9Qsrv4EkZymxEFYKWy
  19. Screaming Females- So Low HARDY- JACK IDLES- COLOSSUS
  20. Kind of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” in this situation because even if they used the correct animation, people would still argue that it’s old. If you’re gonna show new stuff, show new stuff. I thought it was cool seeing how they went about Waller’s finisher and Nikita was looking good; loved that they showed her finisher too. The Bray Wyatt teaser is cool.. I’m guessing we get DLC info on the 1st this time? I’m still not sold on the game until I see those new moves. Or Meiko..
  21. Pretty sure it’s the Glitter Blizzard which dates back to Alexa Bliss being in NXT, just for an idea of how long that animation has already been in there.
  22. I could’ve sworn there was a better animation for Pop Rox already in the game but I could be wrong..
  23. Gotta say…I’ve been listening to the soundtrack. This may be my favorite one of the 2K era. Even the HARDY song I like. And IDLES being on there makes it goated.
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