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  1. Besides Alba Fyre and Bloody Scorpion, does any other entrance come with a bat?
  2. Hate to admit my eyesight has been going the past 2 years or so. Can’t tell if I’m making a great Momo Watanabe or not, but you be the judge on if it looks like somebody Japanese lol
  3. They got some kinks to work out with advanced entrance creation. Anyone who has tried it knows what I’m referring to. I was working on an entrance and wiped out everything I did because I switched to a Yokozuna template by accident.
  4. That actually works, even if the electric chair part throws it off for who I need it for. What about the Regal Plexes, are they gone?
  5. Is there anything close to the JML Driver in game? No, right?
  6. I finally got a Japanese face to look halfway decent in caw mode this year. Looks incredible in game!
  7. I’m gonna chalk it up to it being late and me being tired but I can’t get caws to look as good in game as they do in caw mode. Had a similar issue last year.
  8. Is it just me or do caws look like trash in game? That Mandy looked so good it had me thinking caw’ing would be a walk in the park this year. I’m trying to make Mayu Iwatani and the in game result looks nothing like it does in caw mode, where it atleast vaguely resembles her. What am I in for this year?
  9. How’s the bridging fall away slam? That had zero rope or screen shake and made little impact after one of the patches too.
  10. So the shortest you can make females is 5’4” right now. I know they’ve made it 5’1” via a patch before. Asking for the same this year, if not 5 feet even as the lowest.
  11. How short can you make female caws this year? Still 5’1” atleast?
  12. Just wait until it releases on the east and west coast of the USA lol shit tends to hit the fan for a few hours to a few days
  13. I’m expecting the usual shitshow with image uploader upon release..
  14. All means all, brother. We all have our passion for this series in common. Friendships have been forged over less.
  15. Well, we made it to another game, bros. Happy to be here with you all.
  16. I preferred 2K19’s sort of linear story to 2K22’s text message based stories. I didn’t even finish the womens story so who knows what I missed out on in the men’s story. Nope, I didn’t have a Japanese arena for the whole time I had 2K22 and it was a bummer.
  17. I have a good number of homework assignments to ask of the staff for next year’s release.. models that need updated.. double the number of logos we’re limited to… etc.
  18. Bruno doesn’t look as bad as I thought he might. Good work, whoever is responsible for his model.
  19. Tbf I never played 2020 that I know of. I still play 2016 and, detailed as that was, I craved more detail so who knows, maybe I would love 2020. What didn’t you like about it? I mainly run either WWE or Stardom.. still, you can’t just say “he isn’t the guy….I love all his games except the last one though”…lol
  20. Well, I’m sorry but that’s just a very fickle, very “what have you done for me lately?” attitude to have. I’m not asking for TEW as it is; I’m asking for those minds to collab and produce a WWE-licensed hybrid that everyone will love. If they ever collaborated on an update to GM and/or Universe mode, I think the fanbase would love the result. If it’s never gonna happen, I never wanna hear that “top minds” are working on GM Mode because he’s the top mind there is for it.
  21. I mean I see where Lynell is coming from. People treat/see character models as this easy thing to implement. First off, sculpting all those models under a deadline is no walk in the park. Second of all, they have to mocap a few moves per superstar, an entrance and victory motion, get commentary for the superstar, ring announcer lines for the superstar, crowd signs, you name it. It’s a whole situation just to get one person in the game proper, now multiply that by like 200. If MyFaction keeps making money, it means the team will grow and we will eventually get those models in the game proper. But for now, it’s just not possible if they’re gonna keep working on yearly releases to also work on MyFaction support all year as a full team.
  22. You trolling? He’s developed the best booking sim bar none ever since we were kids. He would help Visual Concepts tremendously.
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