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  1. Anonymuz- Morpheus Madge, Kamiyada+- Medical Mechanica
  2. Oh I know. I did that and when I load up again it’s still 3 points below the limit, which means I still can’t add any designs no matter what I do. Annoying.
  3. Hasn’t crashed for me in caw mode as of yet and I’ve spent like all my time there thus far. My issue is with the glitched image limit everyone is dealing with.
  4. Once again the diving front dropkick has trouble connecting with opponents
  5. I don’t think a ticket is needed for that. It isn’t an issue with the game not working; it’s just something I personally want for the sake of immersion. There’s also plenty of women below 5’4” on this year’s roster and targeting nor glitching seems to be an issue so far that I’ve seen, so I would really like caws to get an opportunity to have accurate heights as well.
  6. Patch didn’t include smaller caw heights ffs
  7. Patch just started downloading me for me (PS4)
  8. With the state of this year’s DLC having some lackluster names, I wouldn’t be opposed to them replacing one of the packs with a New Moves Pack next year
  9. Selecting Scott Hall’s NWO victory animation as my heel victory crashes my game
  10. Did they get rid of the Nia Jax 1 taunt? If it’s been renamed, I can’t find it. It’s perfect for Donna Del Mondo. Edit- found it! it’s Unstoppable 1 now!
  11. I mean, the game has been working perfectly for me aside from one or two crashes. I just really want them to patch in lower caw heights the way they did another year.
  12. Would be a shame if they waited until it was time to make way for the Steiner Row Pack to patch the game again. Hope we get something this week. You know what I want..
  13. I feel like they really have a grasp on how to make MyRise more enjoyable this year than it was last year or even in 2K19. You can import a caw for one, complete with moveset. Everything isn’t centered around text messages, which I found really annoying and stopped me from finishing the 2K22 story. I’m really enjoying myself between working on caws and continuing with MyRise. Can’t wait to unlock the Japanese arenas!
  14. Gotta say, I’m already gonna be sad to see this game go in a year. The menu screens, the soundtrack, the gameplay, the MyRise, the caw mode, damn near everything I’ve touched or come across in the game has been fun. Don’t know when the 1.04 patch is coming but literally caw heights (5’1” to 7’4”) are the only thing I need right now.
  15. We’ve been pushing for some sort of Spotify integration for many years now but no dice.
  16. Not a huge thing but, for Sarray’s pre match warmup taunt, the camera never cuts to you, it cuts straight to your opponent and then the match starts. It’s been an issue since 2K22. I give that warmup taunt to most joshis because it’s what they do. Sad I rarely get to see them do it because of this.
  17. That 4 way with Bruno, Hogan and Austin was as tough as people say it is. Took me like 4 tries to beat them all. Good stuff. Finally got Bruno!
  18. Despite my gripes about caw heights and all that, the game has been working remarkably well for me and loading times have been minimal. Kudos to that. It doesn’t surprise me if we don’t get a patch til the coming week.
  19. If the next patch fixes Create An Entrance and gives us back our heights from 5’1” or less to 7’4” or higher, I’m happy
  20. I’m still disappointed by the lack of new moves. There’s so much they could’ve added this year and instead they added like the bare minimum. It’s kinda like when you have so much to do and instead you just sleep. Lol. Like what happened?
  21. Create An Entrance is still pretty buggy when it comes to trying to preview different lighting. I tried using the Bloody Scorpion entrance animations and keep trying to use a different lighting but can’t preview anything.
  22. It was a glitching issue in 2K18. I was making Io and Kairi and was told by our friend to make them 5’5” instead. Not only did they glitch anyway but there’s no way I was releasing them with inaccurate heights. Don’t know if that still the issue but I’m making a stand once again and won’t be releasing anyone who isn’t atleast close to their actual height. AZM, Starlight Kid, Kris Wolf, Saya Iida, etc, are exceptions because the game height never drops below 5 feet. If only….I’d be such a happy camper.
  23. Did they patch in the proper heights? Like 5’1” to 7’4” yet? I’m expecting it in one of the upcoming patches like they did a previous year.
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