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  1. Same. The cause, this *censored*ing game was not ready. 2k tried to do what took Yukes 20 years to do in just 1 year. They should have took their time with the transition with taking over with a debut on next gen. This game has been nothing but a headache for us fans. Yeah, this game is nothing but an embarrassment at this point. The fact they continue releasing goofy, ridiculous DLCs nobody could possibly care about while the most basic features in the base game are comically busted is shameful. At this point I'm just hoping they decide to admit defeat and keep the 2K19 servers up for the rest of the year.
  2. That's a huge bummer. Is there a known fix for this on my end? Anything I can do to prevent it from happening in future?
  3. Thank you! I've uploaded it now, tags are Yan, Kobashi and Puro. Quite happy with how it turned out. Here's a preview of Misawa. The hair looks better in game, but I'm still not sure about it. The obvious choice is the one I used for Kobashi, it just feels weird having them with the same hairstyle. I might do one attire with each hairstyle because the other one immediately makes him look younger, so perhaps it can pass as 90s Misawa, lol
  4. I'll get back to Hager but I've been sidetracked by puro, so whipped this up. I'll upload it soon hopefully.
  5. I wondered wtf was going on, everything has been crashing all night long. Can confirm that putting the date back on PS4 has fixed it. Excellent work 2K, lmao
  6. Kenta Kobashi - UPLOADED 11/01 #Yan #Kobashi #Puro Includes 2 attires, moveset and entrance Mitsuharu Misawa preview Jake Hager early preview 01/01
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