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  1. I'm just now realizing there's a lot more double champions in the biz right now than usual, even in the bigger promotions lol. I hope Sasha wins for the simple fact that I felt like she should've won the RAW Women's title last year when she returned - or at least by the end of the year or something. Sasha has accomplished a lot, yet it feels like she's always gets the shit end of the stick when it comes to wins/loses and title reign longevity.
  2. Tf, you're Shawn?! What happened to your old account?

  3. Cool to know if true. I had a feeling that Garza would eclipse Andrade at some point or another as the next popular Latino star. Garza seems to have more “it” than Andrade does and a natural swagger.
  4. Edge/Orton definitely topped Styles/Bryan. I don’t think the latter was that great.
  5. Boy Dream is a mf on Twitter ain’t he? Lmfao, dude don’t miss
  6. Is this coming from a Killian Dain fan
  7. Sami vs. Bryan should be dope. I just wish the alignments were changed with Sami being the babyface and Bryan being the heel.
  8. Lesnar does not need help being carried to a good match. At his very core, Lesnar is a very good performer. Whether or not Lesnar wants to put forth the effort to make the match something special, who knows. We'll see.
  9. WWE allowing Flip Piledrivers and now everybody and they mama wanna do it. Probably my least favorite move in wrestling right now.
  10. Sasha seems to be injury prone like a mf.
  11. Man lmfao I heard Bianca vs. Charlotte wasn't even good...? Can't say I'm too surprised by that, but I'll watch have to watch it myself to fully judge. They were better off not even having this match if Belair was gonna end up losing or if nothing else was gonna come from it in the end. Rhea casually doing her whole ass entrance as Bianca was getting her ass beat had me dead though lmfao
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