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  1. https://cdn.onebauer.media/one/empire-tmdb/people/70851/profiles/kAyKg3rYGgIhB5KRaIWALuf78W3.jpg?quality=50&width=1000&ratio=1-1&resizeStyle=aspectfit&format=jpg Formula Head: 14,5,8 Forhead: - 21,0,30,0 Hair: 20/73 94,0,-27 the one with the hair at the side Eyebrow: -100,21,-2,0 Eyes: 5,-17,-11,-9,-36,0,19 Nose: 0,-18,-39,-49,55,45,2,29 Cheeks: 79,62,84,45 Mouth: 89,-27,-15,-64,0,0,53 Jaw: 12,0,-12,30,52,69 [Face] Eye: 1/9 96,39,-10 Eyelashes: 15/15 Eyebrow: 14/38 87,0,0. Skin aging: 27 Height: 5'4. Body Type: 72 It depends on the shirt you give him might need to adjust it depending on the shirt the body is for shirt 1 for svr 07 which J Braska (Jerett Kelly made which is what I used however mine might have stuff in it like clothes \/) Top: 1/40 Default Bottoms 18/42 -12,-23,-23 Shoes: 1/33 Default My opinion i still think this looks like Jack Black game pics soon don't you worry,
  2. Sorry to interrupt but the help pics can't be seen anymore could you please fix the issue
  3. I'll create it if anything isn't perfect I'll fix it up but I believe what your saying
  4. Idk if anybody did but i really wish they did
  5. Yuffie


    Can someone out there make Stuff for Shut your mouth and just bring it i know it's like 2020 but could someone please create with moveset i need Final Fantasy and TEKKEN And Among other games as well like Street Fighter and even include Youtubers in there, ~ Yuffie
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