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  1. It's been a while since I've posted here. So long I actually forgot the log in to my old account, lol! So I ended up having to create a new one, but for those unfamiliar of me, I'm Hungrywolf80. Was a big deal in the days of role playing e-feds, and I'm one of many "disciples" of Oz70NYC running around this forum. Now while I don't create as many characters as most people, I'm proud enough of my creations to share them with masses. And the 1st character I like to showcase is always my flagship character... Scott O'Dell has come a long way since when I 1st created him for the e-fed version of Thr33x's XWA promotion. He was the 1st ever world champion, as well as the 1st ever multiple time world champion. The character was also the most polarizing character in e-feds at the time. A bit of backstory, there was a bit of a rivalry between XWA and other e-feds. Shots were fired, and 80% of the time in XWA when a shot was fired, O'Dell was the one with his finger on the trigger. Even fellow XWA talent weren't safe from him. I'd cut scathing promos on anyone who dared match wits with him, which rubbed some people the wrong way. But I managed to keep him as the top draw heel of the promotion even without a championship on him. When a number of us broke off from XWA and joined Oz70NYC's PWN promotion, I opened the character up a bit more. I added a bit more nuance to him, and allowed him to get 1-upped in promos mainly to prove that he wasn't a one dimensional heel. By the tale end of PWN's run, I was on the cusp of turning him face for the 1st time before we went on indefinite hiatus, but I carried that switch into my personal promotion. As far as the character, O'Dell is a collegiate division 1 All American in wrestling at USC, and a 2 time national champion at heavyweight. He's also an IFBB certified athlete and a multi-million dollar business man by way of his California based gym Maverick Fitness. As mentioned above, he has held the XWA world title, as well as the PWN, GPW and CRASH world titles on top of competing across the globe. He's had storied rivalries with the likes of Ryan Fierhart, Keith Wyle, Chet Dixon, Xander Xavier Luther, Adam Devlin, Ethan Bain, Jayson Jones and countless others. He's faced and beaten the best, but there are still many he's yet to face because across his illustrious career...no one has every answered his "O'Dell Challenge". Since the days of his 1st championship run, O'Dell brazenly made challenges to the top stars of rival promotions to get in the ring and face him. When it became evident no one would accept facing him on his home turf, he changed up the challenge to face other wrestlers on their own terms, on their own turf. But even then, no wrestler ever accepted the challenge. For nearly 2 years he'd remind the world of the challenge, but go no takers. So he kept the challenge open indefinitely. "Any time. Any place. Have my check ready." The most polarizing moment of his career came in late summer after defending the XWA title at the 1st Solstice event, he and fellow wrestler Bryan Jasta were involved in a bar fight against fans of one of the rival promotions. The resulting brawl saw most of these fans suffer injuries, as well as thousands of dollars of property damage. Gallas Global Enterprises (Co-owners of XWA at the time) settled out of court, and O'Dell and Jasta were sanctioned as well O'Dell being stripped of the title. A mere month later, O'Dell was world champion once again as the winner of the title following him be stripped Jon Payne had to relinquish it for undisclosed reasons. So at a special event called "One Night Only" O'Dell would go on to beat 4 other men in a tournament to win back the title he never lost. When GGE and the Blackheart Corporation's deal ended, GGE absorbed the contracts of XWA's Overload brand and formed Pro Wrestling Neo (PWN), and O'Dell would continue right where he left off, proving himself to be the best between the ropes and on the mic all the way up to PWN's eventual hiatus. It's then he made his way across the globe, competing and continuing to silence haters and piss off nay-sayers. With regards to his look, he's always been based on body building legend Mike O'Hearn, best known by most as Titan from the revival of American Gladiators and Mike O'Dell on Battledome, an American Gladiator like show that aired in the late 80s, early 90s (This is where I got his last name). His color scheme has always been a black/white/silver combo for his primary, and the colors of a Cali based sports team for his secondary looks. Nothing has changed on that front. He began his career as "Mr. Amazing", then eventually changed his nickname to "The Franchise" following his One Night Only victory. When PWN came into existence, he again changed his moniker to "The Standard" to symbolize he set the bar for what being a "Professional" wrestler was. And as of 2019, yet again he took on a new moniker, the "1 Above All" denoting he's ascended to a level in the industry no other will ever attain. The biggest change for him is the reintroduction of link on him. His his earlier versions on the PS3, I'd toyed with different tattoo layouts, but I'd always change them. When the switch was made to PS4, I decided to lose the ink, but this year I brought it back with a sleeve/chest combo that works and will be a new permanent fixture on him. I tried to keep this brief, but it still ran a bit long. Oh well. He's available on CC under the tags WOLFCAWS, PWN and Hungrywolf80.
  2. We wait with baited anticipation for what absolute brilliance you bring, no matter what game it's on.
  3. Blade looks like he's seen some shit, lol. Well done, no nonsense looking bunch of brutes here.
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