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Posts posted by duvalsfinest2k

  1. That's great dude 👍 but why don't you try take your creative talent and creations to wwe 2k19? It needs your help in community creations badly..... Even though there's still have the unmasked in game Rey mysterio and no facepaint in game Wolfpack sting that needs your version of wcw attires.... I'm just asking and suggesting.... 

  2. Yes.... The whole game crashes universe mode and the creation suite altogether... So if I was everyone on here that still playing wwe 2k20, I would stick to 2k19 until 2k22 comes out next year... Just my true words 

  3. 9 hours ago, Gamevolt said:

    After all these years and countless attires. Finally he has noticed!


    All it took was 2K19, a Patreon request, TNA attires and Nickbreaker.

    Awesome attire.... Can you make this attire for 2k20? I would love to have this attire for my impact wrestling universe mode 

  4. I totally agree... Dispite all the crashes from the creative standpoint to the backstage not working in regular extreme rules and royal rumble keeps crashing in universe mode... I'm saying this game is a total *censored* show 

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