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  1. Just downloaded it! Amazing job as always Petey LOVED this one especially
  2. I went to CC a couple of hours ago before seeing this comment to see what my favorite creators had uploaded; and the moment I saw Blackheart I straight up went to my creations and started erasing some to make space and download him. And man it looks WAY better in game than in the screenshots. You really outdone yourself with this one; Blackheart just looks freaking AMAZING! And it really shows that you put a lot of effort making him and for that I thank you for sharing your work with us. GREAT job looking forward for more!
  3. Just downloaded Raven and it looks amazing! Great work on him! Also, are you going to upload the Halloween Havoc Rey? I just literally fell in love with it! Amazing job man
  4. I second this! I would LOVE that attire in 2K20! One of my favorite attires from AJ's TNA days, and you nailed it perfectly!
  5. DAMN! Blackheart looks AMAZING! I especially LOVE the Ouija inspired attire and the updates you have made on him have all been great! Are you going to upload him? I would LOVE to have him on my roster literally
  6. RussoMania

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    Yeah I can totally understand this; In fact, I was so shocked and saddened by the histories that came out from the company and the people who ran it. *Censored* those guys for what they did. What I do have to admit though is that back in the 00's, CHIKARA was literally my favorite indy company and legit thought they were the third best promotion in America alongside ROH at the time. CHIKARA was very different from every other company in terms of what they were doing, being a family friendly comedic alternative for pro-wrestling and also had some of the best talent available at the time wrestling for them like AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Chris Hero, Delirious, etc. What made it so great in my opinion was their comedy style and how they adapted it to their matches; They could have great matches while adding comedic spots. What a sad and horrible ending for a company that was once one of the most popular in the independent scene. Anyways, I am also a huge fan of lucha libre too since I am Mexican lol, and you creating all of these guys who people have rarely seen or ever even heard about is what I like about you man; apart from your amazing work and talent obviously with your creations, you give these wrestlers more exposure so people get to know them and some of them are actually great! EDIT: Found the UltraMantis Black you made, it was in 2K17; I still remember I would always play as him lol https://ibb.co/NNb1jz5
  7. RussoMania

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    Oh WOW! It's great to see you back Fried! I've always been a fan of your luchadores and masked superstars since a long time ago.. If I remember correctly, I don't remember in which game it was and of course I am not requesting you to make it, but you made an UltraMantis Black CAW, which is one my favorite wrestlers and absolutely LOVED IT! If I recall you used to make a lot of CHIKARA CAWS back in the day which was awesome; I'm looking forward to see more of your work which has always been quality.
  8. Credit: https://wrestlingheadlines.com/vince-mcmahon-reportedly-thinks-angel-garza-is-a-younger-version-of-wwe-legend/
  9. I haven't been able to download ANYTHING from CC, when I try to download something it'll bring up the downloading bar, occasionally make progress or just straight up take me back to the main menu and then say that the 2K servers are not available at the time. Literally, WTF.
  10. Duuuude the minute I saw it I had to make A LOT of space and download it, and it was worthy! This Cage is the best one I've seen and the attires are awesome! especially the first one and the last one.
  11. Haha I am in the same position right now Will have to make some space for Nakamura, The Fiend and that Andrade lol. Also, no problem man! Hopefully it helped you to fix the hair dye glitch with Kofi.
  12. You can fix that by copying the first attire to the second one, and then import all of his entrance attire parts to the second attire that you just copied which would be the ring attire, delete the jacket and vuala! That’s how I fixed mine so hopefully it works for other people who download Kofi. Also, DEFINITELY downloading that Fiend! Was hoping somebody would make his new attires and no one better than you Gamevolt!
  13. HOLY SHIT downloading all the three of them! These are just AWESOME
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