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  1. I haven't been able to download ANYTHING from CC, when I try to download something it'll bring up the downloading bar, occasionally make progress or just straight up take me back to the main menu and then say that the 2K servers are not available at the time. Literally, WTF.
  2. Duuuude the minute I saw it I had to make A LOT of space and download it, and it was worthy! This Cage is the best one I've seen and the attires are awesome! especially the first one and the last one.
  3. Yeap, it glitches for me too. Such a shame since the instant I saw this KUSHIDA in rydeee's twitter, I thought it was awesome.
  4. The final version of Karrion Kross looks AMAZING! The only bad thing is that when I download it the face paint on the fourth attire doesn’t show while playing with him (Entrance as well). But the weird thing is that when I go to my Creations and go to edit, the face paint is there like it has it on, and the face paint logos appear in my downloaded images and on the CAW as well, any suggestions on how to fix this glitch?
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