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  1. Lol account deleted this morning. Guess it was Bs.
  2. Ok im out. first off the every 3 picks for Raw for Smackdowns 2 is dumb, the "war rooms" are cringe trying to copy the NFL . And i miss the random draft for people. I'll catch up on the rest later.
  3. Catching up on the Raw news after getting into Monday Night Football i see Hell in a Cell never happened hahaha. Guess Seth couldnt handle the boos from the whiney WWE fans. Guess i missed nothing then on to Wednesday NXT/AEW fight night.
  4. Ya ok wtf i just watched with this opening.... Ya click off.
  5. Lmao ok ok i'll stop. Angry WWE fans amouse me especially after a PPV they say they wont watch WWE again but turn around and watch Raw the next night anyways..
  6. You're talking about yourself. NXT Bayley was perfectly capable of being aggressive Yet your here posting
  7. The new moves are in the Originals Pack so there might be some interesting moves added to those superstars instead of releasing it as a Moves Pack. We will know until they release more info (if 2K will provide an in depth look, or we will know it in about 2 and a half weeks) Accelerator is included as pack of the Deluxe or Collectors Edition. (or Separate DLC purchase) Ok thanks for the information some how i missed that
  8. Talking about no moves pack there also no excelerater (sorry cant spell this morning) this year or nothing i seen so far.
  9. Ya if that leak/rumor is true then i am skipping this year no thanks. Glad i haven't pre-ordered yet
  10. So whose the rene young wannabe as announcer on NXT im aready annoyed
  11. I'll continue my current universe from 2k19 right now i desolved 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK into both Raw and Smackdown. Monday: Raw Wednesday: AEW (launching soon on 2k19) Friday: Smackdown
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