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  1. I think your work is brilliant. I had no plans of buying 2k19 for my PS4 but after seeing your mods, I definitely am getting it for PC: Again, brilliant work. My problem is I read in an old thread that someone used your work illegally and you took them down or put up a password. If this is true, is there anything you could do to allow me to get all of your crow era Sting mods, and the WCW Thunder arena mod? I'm new to this, and I really would like to use your stuff.
  2. I googled WWE 2k19 PS4 Sting caw, and the picture of an INCREDIBLE looking Sting in his Starrcade '97 attire came up in the search. For some reason, I can't find it though. I'd like to know if you still have this Sting posted on community creations, as well as if you've made/uploaded Steve Borden's actual face underneath the face paint, and does the face paint actually fade during the course of an actual match? I would love to know, so please let me know. Thanks.
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