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  1. If you have a more "legitimite" source im all ears, as it is...2k isnt really proudly throwing around the sales numbers.I could give you the widely accepted first week sales numbers that show that even 2k14 sold more in the first week but i dont assume that this is one you also see as credible unless its from 2k itself...which leads us at an impasse since i dont see 2k telling the numbers. HCTP,svr2006,SYM,svr2007,svr,svr2010,scr2009 Im a yearly nba2k player...im praising nba2k for what it does right and that is mostly keeping up with the times. I criticise them for what they need to be criticised...you probably dont see it because i also dont go into a racing gaming community to critcise a beat em up, so i dont go into a wrestling game community to talk about bad thing in a nba game. You obviously care because you complain constantly about someone who simply shows criticism...and if this bothers you that much then put me on ignore or something. But i will not tuck my head in and keep my mouth shut just because you are upset about every little critic your beloved series gets. The most credible source is 2K themselves on their yearly annual reports, just go their cooperate page. VGChartz is not reliable. And who is widely accepted source? And who its widely accepted to whom? And nothing say keeping up with the times than having microstransactios plaguing the game. SVR 2009 showed us the best is possible, Really?! You know the same game that removed GM mode in the first place and there was nothing to do after RTWM because their career mode at that time was ass. Compared to the one we have now, the one in 2009 sucked big time. That same game? I dont why you are using the Dont like, ignore me argument I can use the same argument for you the wwe 2k series so be careful. Your criticisms are just flawed and most of the time makes no sense at all. I dont why that is so hard for you to grasp.
  2. So a Def Jam pack? As for the rappers they can include..... Wale Post Malone Action Bronson Smoke DZA MGK
  3. Sindel was the most requested since they killed her off. Look around in the wrestling community, the most interesting thing about the wwe currently is Fiend Bray wyatt. Not well enough since according to the vgchartz wwe2k19 didnt even sell one million copies. And does it really sound good when 2k19 is the highest rated game in 10 years? in games before and then added again with less options to the current series. That is stuff that never should have been gone in the first place. Are they really doing their best? How do you know? Have you seen 2k19 in its original state when it first came out and how buggy and glitchy it was? Is that truly their best? No, games we had in the past from this series showed what is possible...what happens when the developers really do their best possible. They can do their better than 2k19...far better, i fully believe that. They can do better than the marketing they have done so far all these years, they can do better interacting with the community instead of deleting topics in the 2k forum that they dont like. But not if we tuck our head in and swallow every single pill they throw at us. Instead we need to challenge them, help them and work together with them to create the best possible experience. No i dont represent the entire community, never said i did. I just give my honest opinion on what i see...thats all i do. Would be a interesting thing...i dont know what kind of themes they could tackle outside this "horror"/"halloween" and retro. I would assume some kind of Military theme and maybe something futuristic...or cartoonish. Does it surprise nobody that we havent seen or heard about a Undertaker in this horror themed pack? Kind of a wasted opportunity to not have him in there, maybe he is one of those two "mystery" versions that aside of mandy and nikki are in the pack? Grim Reaper Undertaker seems the ideal thing to add in that pack. Im curious about the new weapons too, one thing this series needs desperatly back is a better physic engine. I miss the good old Bump video days where there was somewhat of weapon interaction. They killed Shang tsung off as well so whats your point? I know that the fiend is he most talked thing in wrestling its just like how smoke back in the MK9 days was among the the played characters in MK9 and the most requested behind noob. LMFAO at Using VGchartz as reliable information, it's a known fact that VGChartz is not a reliable source of data. They have been known to wildly guess sales figures at times. And what specific games in the past that showed us the Best is possible? I also know you that dont play yearly sports titles at all especially madden, FIFA or NBA because you are praising them for adding little tweaks while crapping on WWE for the same thing. FIFA has had the same code since 2009 Madden has been garbage since 2008 NBA2k has the same problems as WWE2K. I dont care if you dont like WWE2K, I just dont like your elitist attitude
  4. Sindel is simply the more popular character thats why i let out the other ones.They get flack everywhere for the krypt and many other things...more importantly even the blind fanboys give them flack for that stuff. The fiend is the current hottest act in the wwe, so the comparison works. I dont even have HCTP or No Mercy around. What do i complain about? That the models look lifeless, that the arenas feel hollow, that the gameplay is not as fluid as it could be, that they make things complicated for the community, that they remove systems etc the community liked, that they dont listen to the community, that the community should get the absolut best instead of the sufficient every year? Oh boy i really do should take a step back should i? I mean how can i dare to ask for the best possible wwe for the community...the audacity i have. What i cant stand is blind fanboys go "Buhu all you do is complain, dont like it dont buy? Let me pay 100 bucks for almost the same game with minor tweaks" You are free to come up with points why i should be excited for the game. Sindel is not more popular than Shang especially him ( He was one of the most requested in MKX) or Shao Kahn and again show me some of the flack. And the Fiend comparison does not work at all, a better comparison if Smoke were to be DLC since they are on the same level. And bruh, they do listen to the community thats why they adding all this stuff because of the of feedback and how the youtubers told them how bland and boring of 2K18 was. Pulse even made a video about it and there is a reason why 2K19 is the highest rated game since SVR 2010 according to meta critic it must be doing something well. You gotta understand being a yearly sports title they are not going to rehaul the game every single year. also they add more stuff to the game every year than any other yearly title. Also, to some people 2K is already doing the best. That is your opinion that 2K is not doing a sufficient enough job. You are not the representative of the entire WWE games community my man So basically a Southpaw regional wrestling pack?
  5. Get off of your high horse bruh that aint cool to try to crap on the entire fan base. Also, Mortal Kombat does the exact same thing and they get 0 shitstorm dawg. At this point in just convinced that you and Tomato guy from the 2K fourms are the same person lol Boy i thought "why is this longtime member getting at me for simple and valid criticism" but i noticed you are just one of those typical yearly newcomers who literally worship the series and excuse all kinds of crap they do. So no worries there. Mortal Kombat doesnt take away Scorpion or Sub Zero...and actually they DO get flack for having sindel in the DLC and not main game. But Mortal Kombat does take away Sheeva, Shao Kahn, Night Wolf, Shang Tsung and resell them as DLC How convenient you forgot about those names eh? Also, MK 11 only got flack because of the entire Krypt Fiasco and the micro transactions. Outside of crazy Twitter stans they didnt receive flack for having Sidnel as dlc. Unless you can show me some evidence or some links that prove other wise of course. But the way you talk out of your ass all the time I doubt it. The 2K equivalent of mortal Kombat taking out Sub-Zero and Scorpion would be taking out Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins or something like that. The fiend does not fit that description I mean you are just one of those that endless whine and complain about the 2K series and jerk off games like HCTP and no-mercy . So I guess we are even And I have been following and lurking this forum since 2018 and 75% of your criticisms are not constructive and valid at all bruh. Its just endless complaining I guess thats the reason why you rarely get any replys back. You dont like people challenging your stance at all I just didnt like you how were acting high and mighty you over the 2K fan base
  6. Get off of your high horse bruh that aint cool to try to crap on the entire fan base. Also, Mortal Kombat does the exact same thing and they get 0 shitstorm dawg. At this point in just convinced that you and Tomato guy from the 2K fourms are the same person lol
  7. Owen will never be in a WWE game or even in the hall of fame. Also, that dlc pack wont sell well at all
  8. How is it a waste? I have zero use for horror versions of Sheamus, Braun, etc or any of the additional spooky themed goods Oh okay gotcha. Hopefully the 2K originals can steer in a realistic direction like wwe was doing with WWE reamagined
  9. I got a-lot of ideas. Commando John Cena Fire and Ice Bella twins The Big Werewolf Roman Reigns Kane as Mike Myers and Jacob Goodnigjt or Jason Voorhees IT Doink Kairi Sane as a zombie pirate Asuka as Kayako Saeki from the grudge 2K could go to town with the roster, wonder what the other 2 are.
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