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  1. -BoD-

    WWE Drama

    I sure as hell won't be getting no vaccines. A lot of people are going to be in a world of hurt when they realize 45 isn't going anywhere.
  2. -BoD-

    WWE Drama

    You're late. Did you read any of the comments after that or? I've already apologized.
  3. -BoD-

    WWE Drama

    The straw you're reaching for isn't there. You have mistaken Trumps views for Jericho's somply because he supports him. Not to my knowledge, so correct me if I am wrong, but Jericho has not openly stated anything regarding LGBT, or stated anything to make it seem like he is against any of that. I won't comment on the transgender military statement because my previous statement is relevant in my opinion. We don't know why Jericho supported Trump, and we can't cast baseless claims about what he believes simply because of what Trump believes. That is arrogant, and unfair to Jericho to claim that he had an involvement in any of this. His donation did little to nothing to help Trump. It is the votes that matter. I'm not above you, friend. I am human just like you, and I apologize if I came off that way. You read things and you reply in the heat of the moment, and that's on me. There are no races, genders, we are human. That's it. And until we start acting like it, nothing with change, no matter who we have in office. Every election it just gets worse until a mass tragity happens that brings us all together, and the the cycle just repeats itself. Drop the titles and then we will get shit done.
  4. The last time we had an election like this, 9/11 happened. Buckle up, folks, it is going to be a wild ride! Let's hope the second wave of stimulus gets passed out now. We will see.
  5. -BoD-

    WWE Drama

    Please tell me how your life or anybody elses was affected by Jericho donating that money? Oh, that's right, it wasn't. You have no proof of that because it is a baseless claim, and you're only giving it because you disagree with his beliefs. Jericho simply gave his money to who he believed in, just like every other celebrity that endorses and donates to these scum bags. I bet you were riding The Rocks dick when he endorsed Biden, weren't ya? Because that is your party, but if the roles were reversed, you'd be saying the same thing about Dwayne. And I'm arrogant? Take a look in the mirror buddy.
  6. -BoD-

    WWE Drama

    Regarding Chris Jericho and his political stance, if y'all liked him and thought he was the GOAT before you started disagreeing with his views, then you are all petty as *Censored* and a prime example of what is wrong with this world. I disagree with the man as well, but I am also an adult that can seperate a persons personal views from their career and accomplishments. News flash, folks, Jericho has always been this way, put your big boy/girl pants on and quit complaining because somebody thinks differently than you.
  7. Where is all the star power? Pretty sad when Randy is the only good thing in WWE right now. Like for real, Lashley is stuck with guys like Cedric and Ricochet? Come on...
  8. -BoD-

    WWE Drama

    Dude is turning out to be quite a fool. Maybe he should go back to porn.
  9. -BoD-

    WWE Drama

    Smart on Takers part really. They most likely threw an absurd amount of money at him, he doesn't have to work many dates, now days he probably does more interviews than he does wrestle. Collect that paper Deadman!
  10. My supervisor got on my ass at the end of my shift today because my numbers were down. I work with steel tubing, I test about sixteen thousand feet of tubing a day, and today I didn't make that number. But, he also did not account for the amount of down time I had, as well as having to wait on other people in order to get my job done, AND I am training two new people on top of that, who in fact are making more money than I am. S.......A......L....T.....Y
  11. -BoD-

    WWE Drama

    This will probably be swept under the rug like the rest of his arrests. Thanks daddy Rikishi!
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