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  1. I looked at the Universal Championship with AEW spray as requested. Some things: Can't do the nWo font from the original belt as that came from a cutout rather than a font. Red spray paint did not look good on the red Universal title. Also tried black and gold paint too but nothing looked great. So I tried neon green (think maximum disrespect to a belt) and I like the result. What do you think? A lot of the other titles you've requested are mainly gold so black paint, red paint etc should work well.
  2. Are you just looking for those letters to be spray painted, or a particular logo of some kind? To be honest it's quite rushed and I could have done a better job. I just took a hi-res shot of the replica nWo Big Gold belts that are sold online and cutout the letters, and reduced some of the opacity. You can't really tell from the screenshot but when you look at this belt in creations you can see the textures of the belt beneath the spray paint. But to be honest I should have spent more time making it look more authentic and like real paint.
  3. Search creator - Gretsch-UK I'm not really a creator, but I'm running an attitude era Universe and I'm about to introduce the nWo and give Hollywood Hogan a push for the WWF Championship. I created this nWo spraypainted version of the attitude era belt for my own use, but figured people might like it. If anybody wants any other belts that are included in the game spraying, let me know!
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